Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Day From Iraq

I am Sgt Jason Campbell an American Combat Soldier group of 50,000, 00 combatant, left behind in Iraq for advisory and assistance to Iraq Forces after the Handing over to Iraq Peace Keeping Force, During my services, I was been able to secure Twenty Million Dollar($20 million U.S Dollars) which already Deposited with a Diplomatic Company for security and Safety Purpose,

I want to hand over this funds to a Trust Worth Person that we help me keep it till I am back from the Camp in Baghdad Iraq in Dec 2011, Since Our Final Troops is leaving Iraq 2011.If you are Interested in this Offer kindly contact me Via my Private

You will find the story of this money on the web address below. After we have summated the remaining part
Please kindly keep this transaction Confidential because I am still serving in the Military camp in Baghdad Iraq.

Sgt Jason Campbell

Urgent Mail From Sgt Jason

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