Monday, August 22, 2011

If you wish to talk with me, here is the number to reach me +226 75 77 88 72

Scam letter from

On Mon Aug 22nd, 2011 12:37 PM EDT Mrs alima Isa wrote:

>My Dear Friend,

>Thank you very much for your reply, do you believe in God? If you really believe in God then you may understand because it sounds so stupid and it will take a spiritual minded person to understand this but I want to let you know that this is the truth and nothing but the truth, as I told you before, I have gone through hell to seek for a help and this poison is eating me up deeply that I do not have strength anymore,

>That I am losing hope in God and few days back I was in the dream and a female wearing white said to me that my prayers has been answer and that I should pick up a pen and write what she was going to show me and behold is was an email address and when I wake up, I told the nurse that is taking care of me what I saw and she said that I should just try to send you email to see if the email is right or was I just imagining things. So I told all she will write and she write them for me and I sent it to you.

>It is with my whole heart, my trust and all I believed in with my true good wishes of your future with my son that gave me the strength and courage to write you this letter from the utmost deepest part of my heart. As you have promised to take a very good care of my son, I want you to know that it is for his sake that I have hold on till this very moment and it will be a crime against God and humanity if you go back from your words or abandon my son when I am dead or after you have take hold of his inheritance.

>Before I continue, I think it will be very good and more trust if you can make out time to come and meet me here in this private hospital so that you can hold my hand and the hand of my beloved son as I hand over everything to you but because of the distance and time with your busy schedules if you can not be able to come here as of now, we can go ahead and make the arrangements but know it that I am trusting you in the name of God and all we are going to do without meeting each other is witnessed my the almighty God.

>Now here are the arrangements, firstly, I am going to seek the service of a lawyer to prepare my Will/last testament to your favor. Putting it in writing legally that I have handed over my son and his inheritance of US$10.5 Million into your care as his guardian and investor till he is 25 years old, after in which you are going to hand over the investments and profits of the investment you made with this money.

>After preparing the legal Will/last testament, I will give the bank a legal authorization to release the funds to you and after they have release it to you and you receive it completely, you will then make arrangements with the lawyer on how my son will come over and stay with you. If I am still alive by then and it pleases you that I come along with my son for you to take care of me till the day that death will visit me, I will be very happy and will die as a happy mother for fulfilling my greatest dream of my last wishes.

>As for your reward, I am proposing these two for you to choose one: I am ready to reward you with 5 Million out from the 10.5 Million Dollars as your reward for helping us or 30% shares of every investment that you are going to do with this funds will be yours as your reward for helping us.

>I want you to think of it very well and give me your final response as time is no longer on my side. I have attached my picture here and I will like to see yours also, please send me your picture so that I can see the face of the person that is going to take care of my son.

>If you wish to talk with me, here is the number to reach me +226 75 77 88 72

>Yours truly,
>Mrs.Alima Isa


>YOUR NAME: *********************
>HOME ADDRESS: *****************
>TELEPHONE AND FAX: ************
>YOUR AGE: *******************
>YOUR COUNTRY*****************
>OFFICE ADDRESS **************

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