Sunday, August 21, 2011


My dear beloved,In face of my predicament, I want you to know that I have gone through hell to seek for a good person to help me but all I keep getting is betrayers who want to reap where they did not sow but God has directed me to contact you and my spirit is at rest as I am writing this letter to you and that is very much convincing and I hope you will be of good help to me. I only want to be sure if you are the kind of person that I can trust in investment, I have been very careful in my selection and have taken pains to ensure I will be dealing with a person that has the intelligence to understand the value of trust that I am about to impose on you. From the little I have been able to deduce, I want to make sure that I can trust you completely

My name is Mrs.Alima.B.Isa, am suffering from a slow killing poison that was given to me by my late husband's half brother because of an inheritance of US$1O.5 Million left for me and my son by my late husband, my late husband's half brother was my late husband's business partner, it was like a family business before their last oil deal of (US$10.5million), he become so greedy that he poisoned my husband on a diner business party they went in London and when he found out that my husband made me his next of kin on the money, he now gave me a slow killing poison so that when I die he will use my son to claim the money from the bank maybe after claiming the money he will also kill my son.

What a greedy and deadly person, he is doing this to me and my family that loved and welcomed him like one of us, the world is wicked.The reason why I am contacting you is to handover the (US$10.5 Million) that I inherited from my late husband so that you can invest it and take care of my son till he become a man enough to handle the affairs of the investment, You have to understand that I am taking all this stress and pains for the sake of my son and even the risk I am taking trying to handover to you a stranger my inherited funds is for the sake of my son, it is better for me to leave it in the hands of a stranger than that wicked God forsaking brother-in-law of mine, before I tell you what you are going to do for a start, I want you to promise me that you are going to take good care of my son because it is obvious to me now that I will never make it so give me a true promise from your heart and say it as you mean it, that you are going to treat my son like yours, love him like I have loved and ready to do anything for him.If you can promise me this and assure me that you will take good care of him, I will hand over my inherited funds to you and make arrangements for the handing over of my son to you also.

The reason I am taking this desperate step is because I want to take my son far away from the reach of that wicked uncle of his and to do that I need to hand him over to a perfect stranger to do that for me and I want to believe that you are that perfect stranger who is ready to do everything within his power to help me even though you never met me before.

Let me hear from you and your promises, I will tell you what to do and if you don't mind, I will like to see the face of the person that is going to take care of my beloved son, he is a wonderful boy, I am going to miss him so much, reply me.

God bless you


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