Thursday, February 2, 2012

Could this be Sinthyia's real name?

I have some info for you. I read the discussions here about SD and Publishamerica. While doing my own bit of research I found this. It may mean something and it may not. I'll leave you to decide if this has merit. regarding Sinthyia I found this Yahoo answers profile Sinthyia
Member since: January 14, 2006

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When you click on "view pulse" you go to her Yahoo profile, which gives the name of Danyealle
This is a name that has never come up in any of these discussions about Sinthyia Darkness. I think it's safe to assume this could be her real name. We need to make it clear since we put this name on the Bogus Barrister that Sinthyia is not involved in fraudulent activity. She is somebody who has provided a valuable public service by outting scammers. Not knowing who this person is- it is quite intriguing. We know that this is a pen name. Anybody who can't see that there is no hope for them because it's so obvious. My theory has been that this isn't a woman at all but an Internet persona created by a man.


  1. Why would anyone still care who Sinthyia is? That is really old news and a waste of time.

    If you find her what are you going to do about it?

  2. I agree. What does it matter? who cares who this person really is. They are entitled to maintain their anonymity like anybody else who posts on the Internet.

  3. Why would anyone still care who Sinthyia is?

    I think a better question might be, who would still care who Sinthyia is. The only ones who would care to find out are those she exposed for fraud. They wouldn't come looking for her to chat over a spot of tea either.

    1. I think I can answer the question of who would care about who this really is. And you're right, it's a scammer. Sinthyia Darkness isn't ducking PA as somebody claimed. She's been doding this guy who has posted death threats on the internet and otherwise doing some real squirrly things. Somebody that Sinthyia Darkness outted. Four years ago a man named Brian Smith joined a Yahoo group operated by Sinthyia Darkness. Smith claimed to be the founder of CFLparanormal. the real cflparanormal has no idea who Brian Smith even is. Mr. Smith admitted he was married but in an open relationship hes a swinger. He sent Sinthyia inappropriate messages and she shrugged them off. Smith posted racial remarks about President Obama and was advised that such comments are not welcome. He rambled on about guns and hunting and his gun collection. He picked fights with the moderators on the group including Thomas Myers and a member using the screename ironball. He was banned from said Yahoo group. His nasty, maniacal emails that included threats and blackmail. The guy asserted he was politically connected in Miami and knew people who would throw the Miami mayoral election that he thought she was running in back in 2009. Yahoo Inc closed down two of Smith's email accounts as a result of the complaints. Yahoo was sent full headers and determined that terms of service violation did occur. Yahoo doesn't want to do anything to help anybody so you know Smith must have really crossed the line.

  4. Brian Smith who lives in Orlando has been making blackmail attempts and death threats to Sinthyia since 2009. Smith is being investigated for embezzlment and mail fraud.

    After Smith's departure from the forum and his Yahoo accounts being shut down, Everybody went on about their lives accept for Brian Smith. Recently, Sinthyia Darkness had been experiencing some problems on the internet. Somebody started a death hoax complete with a mock newspaper of the Miami Herald stating that "Sinthyia Darkness" had died. Yes, that was taken as a death threat. Sinthyia's Examiner profile was compromised. In december 2011, the bogus death notice appeared there. Where her news column was it said her column was closed "due to the death of the author." A few of her email accounts had also been compromised. Her (owned by Google) account was compromised. As most of you who read this know Sinthyia Darkness operated a blog at since about 2005. Mr. Smith was well aware of the blog. About December, that blog was moved to another location. A work from home type of spam website was in place of my content. If you go there now, you will see this:

    Blog has been removed
    Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

    Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'

    This indicates that the blog was removed for terms of service violation. Yo cannot blame Google for closing down a spam blog.

  5. Smith has been harassing Love and Light Ministries by email as well. He has not directed these emails to anyone but he thinks he is emailing "Sinthyia Darkness" personally.

    He created a bogus email address pretending to be Sinthyia. and one of the emails he sent to Love And Light States

    "4 years ago you and Thomas wrongly destroyed everything I built... You could of fixed it and apologized but you didn't. I've spend 4 years waiting and watching you build fake site and build yourself as sinthyia darkness, I have all the archives of this and ip addresses of it all and pictures of you that you labeled as sinthyia darkness.. You over the years have proven you are real but have a ficticious name, sinthyia isn't a fictitious person but your alias and I have the legal proof of that... I have every reason in > the world to turn this over to PA and I will.. Fair is fair, you destroy what I built and I return the favor >> >>Sent from my Super secret spy I-phone communicator device.."

    Yeah, his super secret phone is a number with an orlando exchange and serviced by t mobile. The full headers state so.

    Again, he is attempting to use blackmail. to "turn over" whatever evidence he thinks he has to a "PA." This is much like the same blackmail attempts he tried in back in 2009.

    Who cares. Let him contact PA. It is of no consequence. Maybe they'll publish Smith's ramblings while they're at it.

    Now, we have the death threats. I have screenshots, but I would rather you see it directly. Because dates are posted and you can see just how long this has been
    going on with Brian Smith. He even posted a copy of my wikipedia page that he vandalized with nothing but lies about me
    and my family.

    Sinthyia Darkness was never running for mayor of Miami. Sinthyia made a blog post joking about running. Next thing its on Miami New Times and MSNBC.

    As I write this, there are 72 comments. Almost all are from Brian Smith and the many bogus names he posted under to make people think there were many people who didn't like Sinthyia. Sinthyia Darkness is no scammer. She has done nothing but provide a public service with her blog and has turned in several criminals. Brian Smith is just like any other who is causing all of this trouble in retalliation.

  6. As I write this, there are 72 comments. Almost all are from Brian Smith and the many bogus names he posted under to make people think there were many people who didn't like Sinthyia.

    Brian Smith was the first one to comment and he was rambling on about Sinthyia having his email accounts shut down.

    He never mentions what he did to cause that action to be taken. To this day, he is blaming others for his actions.

    These are his last two comments. Yesterday, he made a direct death threat to Sinthyia after he clearly stated that he has been watching "her" house and we know that he is staking out the piano shop.

    He is also going on about the death hoax that he is believed to have started.

    Cflparanormal 1 day ago in reply to Have Some Respect

    the girl aint dead... she faked her death to try to escape all her negativity and law suits.. shes a scammer.. try to read the article again.. it puts you on a dead link to a fake newspaper.. the go to her group "miami paranormal investigation society" and try to read the investigations... it takes you to the same fake newspaper.. she created it to make her self look famous and then to fake her death

    Cyberbouncer 1 day ago

    see that girl ain't dead but she will be soon. see i will get even for what she did to me. yes sin its me Brian Smith i'll be seeing you soon sin

    Tatyana was sent email threats. She put her own personal safety at risk writing this news story of Sinthyia Darkness' death to aide in flushing out the guilty party. She was also sent a friend request on FB from Claire Voy. Amanda Pennington was sent a message from Brian posing as Sinthyia.

    Synthyia Alice Dark well tell sinthyia and all her other personalities ive done nothing wrong and if she want to file a lawsuit or police report against me then i invite her to do so... im actually waiting because the minute a person signs their name on a legal paper representing sinthyia then they take the responsibilty of being her and then they can take all the legal responsibilties of her actions... you know i wouldnt of spent all this time to prove what she was doing if she wouldn't of did what she did to me or atleast appoligized"

  7. docs please. We will give this it's own blog post.

  8. Brian Smith's caper is another epic phail. As far as PA is concerned Darkness was already served whether she was ever located or not. Smith's actions on the other hand may get him locked up. I bet he will be. I think I am going to contact the Orlando police department and point them over here to read this and I will demand they go after this man

  9. Sent from my Super secret spy I-phone communicator crazy shit man his super secret spy phone according to this is a T-Mobile phone!


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