Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PublishAmerica Authors Convention Hagley Museum

Yall gotta see this video.


  1. Geez. The audio on this thing is terrible. I couldn't hear a single word over all of the background noise.

  2. LOL! The only words I could hear in this mess was that one dude claiming his book is a gift to mankind!

  3. I wonder why none of these angry authors stage protests at these conventions. They are all held at public places and so it's not like those who have a gripe could be kept out. Hell, they could even stage a protest outside the building where those arriving could see. They should do something instead of ranting on the Internet. PA has been deleting any complaints that are sent through that ridiculous contact form on their website. If these authors really want a personal answer, this is their chance to get it.

  4. PublishAmerica author Orlando Ferrand uploaded his pics from the event at the Hagley Library

  5. Yikes. Meethinks Orlando's lips must be chapped after all that.!/photo.php?fbid=3253484500422&set=a.3252821923858.2158087.1366335537&type=3&theater

    This is a photo of Alice Meiners in that album created by Orlando.

    "Powerhouse Alice Meiners giving an inspirational speech at the PA Convention, 2012."

    POWERHOUSE? Is this a misprint? Sure he didn't mean Westinghouse?


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