Saturday, March 10, 2012

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg scam letter

I am no  facebook user. I don't trust Facebook with my personal information and I damn sure don't trust it's CEO Zuckerberg. This letter purports to be from him but it is not. Please do not click on the link included in this message. It asks you for a phone number. You think that you are filling out a survey but it is a bogus webpage. When you give them your phone number you are signing up for a very expensive text messaging service. The click here link goes to . The person who set up this page gets a commission because this is an affiliate scammer.
Here's the fine print "By clicking Continue, I have read and agree to's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, which includes providing my signature expressly requesting a return phone call and/or SMS text (std msg rates may apply) from this list of Marketing Partners based on my answers to the following survey pages. I also agree to receive pre-recorded messages from WCA and CRC. " is an independent rewards program and not associated with any of the above listed merchants or brands. is solely responsible for all reward fulfillment. In order to receive your reward you must: (1) Meet the eligibility requirements (2) complete the survey (3) complete a total of 13 Reward Offers as stated in the Terms & Conditions (4) not cancel your participation in more than a total of 2 Reward Offers within 30 days of any Reward Offer Sign-Up Date as outlined in the Terms & Conditions (the Cancellation Limit) and (5) follow the redemption instructions.

From: Mark Zuckerberg <>
Sent: Sunday, March 4, 2012 4:08 PM
Subject: Attention Facebook User

Hello Friend,

My name is Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer of Facebook. We have recently partnered up with Apple regarding a one-time promotional event today, we are giving away complimentary Apple iPhones and iPads to randomly selected individuals who have been fortunate to be selected as one of our newest winners for today. We randomly selected users from our systems database and you have matched with our latest drawing.

We have partnered up with Apple inc to advertise their most popular product yet, the Apple iPhone and iPad. Once again, we are running this promotion for one-day only. All you need to do is CLICK HERE to go to our website made for this promotion and fill out this short survey to get yours for free. Simply make sure you enter your email so we can locate our records to guarantee that we have reserved one for you. That is it!

Congratulations on winning a free Apple iPhone4 and iPad2. If you have any question or concerns, feel free to e-mail me back. However, you need to claim your free iPhone and iPad first to ensure one will be set-aside for you before the deadline ends. We do understand that you may not receive this email until after the deadline, but, we advise you check the web site and enter your email to see if we still have yours on hold, which we often-times do because others haven't claimed theirs in time.

Mark Zuckerberg
CEO, Facebook

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