Thursday, March 1, 2012

PublishAmerica caught lying about the State Department

You remember that we told you PublishAmerica sent Paula Commerford a C and D letter accusing her of being less than truthful about their promotional offers. Mrs. Commerford has stood her ground and now Star Com Media LLC has contacted Victor Cretella attorney for PublishAmerica with proof that the company has lied to its authors about these promotions. This one is regarding the promotion that told it's authors that the U.S State Department wants their book, for a price of course.

From: Jan Starks
To: ""
Sent: Thursday, March 1, 2012
Subject: State Department

Here you go again, lying to your would be authors....Your company is compounding lies with more lies...You demand proof, here's proof....Your own Promotion speaks for itself:

The U.S. State Department wants your book.
They promote American literature abroad.
We have been contacted by the U.S. Consulate General in Leipzig, Germany. They want to present our best books during the Leipzig Book Fair next month. Last time around PublishAmerica also promoted its best books in Leipzig, together with the American consulate.

Activate today if you want your book to be sent to the U.S. Consul General.
Go to to activate for $39. Your book will upon being selected be sent to Leipzig for promotion and display during the Leipzig Book Fair in the U.S. Consulate General's booth. After the event it will be donated to a public or university library. If for whatever reason your book doesn't pass the selection process, you will receive a full refund

Here is what the US State Department replied:

As a follow up to your email, I reviewed our records again. Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention.

The U.S. Department of State does not endorse any particular author, publisher, or book. Publish America is one of approximately 100 U.S. publishers contacted annually regarding participation in the Leipzig Book Fair. The companies we contact are asked to consider sending 4-5 titles to display at the fair and to later donate those books to local nonprofit libraries, schools and universities. We take reports of misrepresentation very seriously and our consulate would never knowingly work with companies that solicit book donations for a fee. No books are sold at the Leipzig fair and there are no fees involved. The decision by publishers to donate books for display at the book fair is strictly voluntary.


Teta M. Moehs

Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Consulate Leipzig
Wilhelm-Seyfferth-Str. 4
04107 Leipzig, Germany
Tel. (49) 0341-213-8459

When are you going to STOP these lies and come on-air and explain your companies actions.

Jan Starks
CEO/Star Com Media LLC
14396 J Street
Cowlington, OK 74941

We will keep you updated if PA or Mr. Cretella accept the invitation for an on-air interview.

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  1. Every time I have put PA on the spot they just don't answer!!


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