Saturday, March 17, 2012

Publishamerica is a sponsor?

This publishamerica author seems a bit confused about exactly what her relationship with PublishAmerica is. She thinks they are her "sponsor."
Hello- I am Kathleen Ann Staley , an author proud to have PublishAmerica as a sponsor of my 6 books.


  1. equally absurd

    Annie Eskeldson
    Just wanted to thank you for the sensational job you've done with the 8 x 11 version of my latest book, Ashi's Birthday and Other Dreaded Days. My illustrator's art is really exploited - it's vivid, bold, and big! And, I love the creativity you've shown with the text - using bubbles and such. I now have a book that is worth every penny and I'm ready to promote it. Thanks!! ~ Annie E.

    oh sure doesn't everybody open their wallets to buy an overpriced book just to stare at the cover?

    1. Do you ever wonder if some of these people are PA employee's ?
      It look like they didn't put out a penny and PA paid for everything,LOL !!

    2. From Kathleen A. Staley- I most certainly not confused about PA and do not understand why you had to post this about me. I have spent thousands of dollars on my 6 books and PA has helped by promoting online and making available to public. I work very hard to create unique stories and have limited income. I chose PA for their professional staff, regardless of the cost of book. When I posted I wanted to show my first book cover because it is great. so please keep comments off the internet- it is a put-down of me personally.Sincerely

  2. Some people, when they were looking for a publisher, should have been looking for a Doc !!

    1. Mr. Proffitt with all the competition in the publishing world- what is wrong with using resources to find a publisher- I don't need a doctor- just some respect for doing something valuable.Kathleen A. Staley

  3. From Kathleen A. Staley- to clear any confusion- My comment was to introduce myself as an author on Publishamerica- I used the word sponsor because Publishamerica has been wonderful and have helped to get my work published.They gave me a chance and paid for expenses and I have put out alot of money to purchase copies. Perhaps the wrong word was used- I don't understand what the issue is- Sincerely Kathleen Staley

  4. This "author" told on you guys for pointing out her misinterpretation. She seems to think that sponsor is a synonym for publisher and it is not. Authors know to choose their words carefully. Instead, she whined and complained on PA's Facebook page. lol

    "Dear staff at Publishamerica- several days ago, I posted a cover design that was for my first book Eye of the Pyramid- I used the word "Sponsor" instead of repeating the word publish. Someone wrote a critical post on the barrister blog that offended me and said I was confused about my relationship with PA- My purpose was only to inform people that I am proud to be "published" by your company. I hope to have a new book ready soon and am doing everything I can to promote and spark interest. the man said I should find a Doc instead of publisher- I thought that was rude. Thank you for everything. Sincerely Kathleen Ann Staley"

  5. keep comments off the internet- it is a put-down of me personally.

    Wait a minute here. First of all you posted the comment that caused an anonymous poster to take an interest and re-blog it here. There was no wrongdoing whatsoever. You posted this comment on a public Facebook page. If you are to be a successful writer, you need a thick skin. How can you take a bit of criticism (not having to do with anything else but a word you chose) and take that as a personal slight? Has your book been reviewed by someone who is not a friend or relative? I promise you that literary critics are much harsher than this. You wanted to be a writer. Critique comes with the territory.

    Also I don't see that Mr. Tom Proffitt directed his comment to you. He said "some people". So you go crying to PA that somebody posted "a critical post" here? PA isn't going to care. That company was built on the philosophy that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    The word "sponsor" as defined in Black's Law Dictionary is

    "A surety; one who makes a promise or gives security for another, partic- ularly a godfather in baptism.

    In the civil law. One who intervenes for another voluntarily and without being re- quested."

    PublishAmerica in no way fits the criteria of a "sponsor."

  6. seems the little girl wants to play with the big boys, and look what happens. She falls down, goes boom, and sucks her thumb and cries. I got news for you, little girl: the first literary critic that reads your book and doesn't like it is going to start his critique with a sentence looking something like this: "Here is my review of this pathetic travesty of a book that never should have seen the light of day." Then the review will only get worse. By the end of it, he'll leave you in tears. If you can't handle a little jibe about the fact that an author should know that a publisher isn't a sponser, then exposing yourself and getting noticed on Facebook, and here, of all places, is the last thing you need to be doing. We posted a critical post about you. Boo hoo! BOOOOOOO ah Hoo! Now, go find your blankie and have mamma tuck you in.

  7. By the way, Kathleen, you now have had a lesson on the difference between someone attacking you and someone attacking something you said.

  8. Did you change your name to "Some People" just to give you a dumb reason to gripe about me telling the truth? If you are that type of person, then you will catch Hell all your life! While you were crying to PA, I will bet they were laughing all the way to the bank with your money.
    If you think I was rude to you for telling the truth, then maybe some people needs to wake-up and smell the BS.
    I told PA about 16 mo. ago that I would spread the truth about them, and if you are supporting them and you get in my way, then you are fair-game. I'm not afraid of PA or you!
    Do you think you just showed the whole world that I was right?
    If telling the truth is rude, then I guess I will always be a rude person and if you don't like it, you can cry to PA with another $1000.00 and see what you get!

  9. @ "Some people" Staley- "My purpose was only to inform people that I am proud to be "published" by your company." Really? then why would you pay PA another backhanded compliment by putting the word published in quotes? That says well, yeah, that's what you call it but that's not really what you do.

    I am in the truth club with Tom Proffitt. We tell no lies here on BB. There is no reason to when honesty gives us so much to talk about and warn others about. PA doesn't care that you got a mention up here. That company was founded on the philosophy that there is no such thing as negative publicty. Hell at least now that you and your book got a mention on a non-PA website with real visitors and readership who are not our friends and family- the general public will know about your book.

    "I have spent thousands of dollars on my 6 books and PA has helped by promoting online and making available to public"

    I bet PA was laughing all the way to the bank or all the way to the cafe where they spent that money on lunches. They did something with your money and it damned sure wasn't promoting you. I never heard your name until this anonymous post was made and I am a voracious reader.

    As to PA "promoting "you online your book is available on their website-sometimes when their website is working. They will put you on their Facebook page as "especially recommended this month" if you pay them to do so. The general public does not read PA's facebook page. There are three garden varieties over there. PA employees, their authors, the family and friends of their authors.

  10. PA a print on demand company, that does no editing has an author who uses the word "sponsor" synonymously with "publisher." No telling what gems are within these covers. "Some people " Staley came here to complain that somebody here pointed that out.

    Another backhanded compliment to PA

    "I chose PA for their professional staff, regardless of the cost of book"

    So she does know the price of the book is outrageous and another reason why the general public would not buy it.

    Anything that points to her mistakes seems to anger "some people." and this shouldn't be the case with any author. Criticism should never be taken personally but used as a tool to do better next time. I see from this that an author like "some people" would be drawn to the likes of PA because a rejection letter from a commercial publisher would destroy them.

  11. Did PA care about her complaint? They don't seem to care about hers or anybody else's. Their response on FB?

    "Thank you, Kathleen. We are proud and honored to have you onboard!"

    Yep. that sounds about right.

    One more thing :

    "They gave me a chance and paid for expenses and I have put out alot of money to purchase copies"

    With admittedly a "limited income" why would you fork over the money you have (I believe she said "thousands") to PA? You would stand a better chance of seeing results playing the lottery.

    PA paid for your expenses? WHAT expenses? They have no expenses producing these books. Contrary to what contracts claim, there are no printing plates. This is POD (Print On Demand) same as what admits to using. This is all done on the computer and something that anybody can now do from the comfort of their own computer.

    1. I am wondering if "some people" really knows the name of her publisher, because it's not the PA that I have been trying to get answers from for about 16 mo's about the scam's they are pulling!


  13. another PublishAmerica author demonstrates they aren't ready to be published. And what is all this talk about the way these book covers look? That's just window dressing people! I mean you can roll a pig in roses but it's just going to stink like a pig in roses. It doesn't change that fact that the pig is a stink bomb.

  14. After doing a little research on "some people" I really think that "some people" and PA make a good pair! I agree about the cover, that is why it's called a cover, to cover up what is inside.


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