Monday, March 12, 2012

PublishAmerica "Price is not the reason that your book is not selling"

A PublishAmerica author used the website contact form to send in a complaint about his/her children's book that is clearly overpriced. By the way authors, when you use the contact form, it grabs and records your IP address. The book sells for between 19.95 and 24.95. Amazon however sells other children's books for $10.50 and so at the inflated prices set by PA, the author has not sold any books. This author cancelled their order because of PA's outrageouos shipping charges. A recent royalty statement confirmed that no books had been sold. PublishAmerica responded by sending the author this email:

Dear Author Thank you for requesting a lower list price for your book. We will agree to lower the price, even though it goes against our experience over the past 12 years in this industry. You are not alone in your thinking. Price is not the reason that your book is not selling, but if you think that it is, we have a solution for you. But, we have a responsibility to our employees, to ensure that we make a profit. If we do not do that, we would go out of business very quickly. Our pricing policy is deliberate and has proven successful for 12 years. It is based on what we know the market will bear and on our long-time record of generating sales: four million (4,000,000) books to date. Contrary to what some believe, lower book prices typically do not mean higher volumes of sales. Book sales mostly depend on other factors, such as an author's name recognition or celebrity status. Sales may also depend bookstores' expectations that a book will sell, which may lead them to stock to book.

Today's New York Times bestsellers' list is solely made up of well-known authors, with book prices ranging between $15 and $35. Since our prices are comfortably in the middle of that range, we discourage lower list pricing. However, our society, and our economy, are built upon principles of freedom of choice. Therefore, if you insist on seeing your book listed by bookstores at prices as low as $18.95 or even $10.95, you may secure it at a fee here:

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