Friday, March 23, 2012

Reuben C. Wallace aka Alice Clouds

--- On Fri, 3/23/12, Dr. Reuben C. Wallace <> wrote:

From: Dr. Reuben C. Wallace <>
Subject: Thank You Very Much.
Date: Friday, March 23, 2012, 1:03 AM

God bless you and your family.

How are you today my dear friend, I hope you can still remember me? It has been a while without any correspondence and I am glad to speak with you once more even if there was a misunderstanding between us at that time.  Now, I do not wish to bother you any further with that our unconcluded transaction, rather to bring delightful information to you.  I have finally concluded the transaction under the cooperation of a new partner who took charge of the entire financial obligation; I am indefinitely out of the country with my new partner for a real-estate project.

It would be unkind if I forget your past effort and attempts to assist me in accommodating this same transaction, though; it failed us somehow due to misunderstanding and lack of funding for the transaction process.  In appreciation for your effort and concern at that time, I told my partner to send a cheque of 800,000.00 British Pounds to Execs Holdings & Couriers pending when you will contact them and give them instructions of delivery to you mailing/postal address.

So, feel free to get in touch with the dispatch office of Execs Holdings & Couriers through the contact details below and provide them with your full names and mailing/postal address for immediate dispatch.
Dispatch Director: Alice Clouds
Email Address:

Call me as soon as you have collected the cheque.

Best Regards and Kind Wishes and I trust you are in Good Health,
Dr. Reuben C. Wallace

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