Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Smokin Hot

--- On Mon, 2/20/12, Herschel Pane <> wrote:

From: Herschel Pane <>
Subject: Smokin Hot

G'day! I discovered your own page before.However I just do not recall to my mind exactly where... I precisely do not remember... I could formulate any other excuse in order to chat, nevertheless shouldn't fool your head :).
Can we dispense with no procedures?Let Me chat with you actually ? My nickname "Kuma"! :) I would wish to become your close friend, as well as correspond with you. I talk 2 different languages. Now I am twenty four. I'm coming from a Russian federation.
I sent you my personal snapshot. I'm sorry because of this photograph. Hopefully you won't consider I'm a not good girl. I am going to email you a lot more if you'll excuse me because of these sincere photograph.


1 comment:

  1. Can we dispense with no procedures?

    HMM...that statement made in the same fake email with the camera up somebody's ass theres a joke in here somewhere


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