Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trayvon Martin's Killer has history of violence

George Zimmerman, the Sanford self appointed neighborhood watch guy who fatally shot and killed Trayvon Martin of Miami Gardens, is now in hiding. This murder case has sparked a storm of racial tension in Florida and around the country. We have more information today, that Zimmerman, was involved in a domestic violence case back in 2005. Zimmerman's former fiáncée Veronica Zuazo filed for a restaining order against him. According to the court documents, Zuazo observed George Zimmerman driving around her residence. Yes, it seems that Zimmerman has a history of following people. Zuazo called George when she saw him and he explained that he was "just checking up” on her.

After speaking for about an hour at the victim's home, Ms. Zuazo says that she asked George to leave. It was a that point that Zimmerman became very angry with her and he grabbed her cellphone from her and repeatedly shoved her. Ms. Zuazo's dog intervened and bit George in his face.

“I freaked out and told him to leave," Ms. Zuazo wrote in her petition," I ran up the stairs and called 911 as he walked out."

Of course, Zimmerman has a different story of this incident. Again, he thinks he was innocent and seems to blame his ex-fiancee. He claims that she wanted him to spend the night with her and that she became very angry when he turned her down. As a man, I find that scenerio very unlikely. Dude is flat out lying.

“She accused me of going to another woman’s house or going to party,” Zimmerman wrote.

Zimmerman at that time was employed as an insurance salesman for All State and Zuaro as a hair stylist. Zimmerman claims that she slapped him, scratched him and attempted to strangle him.

Both litigants referred to other times when they were abused during their relationship and according to the documents, they were both going to counseling.

Without going into all the details and allegations, you get the picture.
An Orange County circuit judge who heard this case, ordered them to stay away from each other for over a year.

And as we all know, Zimmerman in Sanford appointed himself as the neighborhood watcher. Watch he did and he called police many, many times. Bogus Barrister is aware of at least 50 calls since JAnuary of 2011. He made frivolous calls to police, complaining of potholes, barking dogs, and individuals he considered "suspicious."

He shot 17 year old Trayvon Martin of February 26 2012 because he looked "suspicious." You can clearly hear Zimmerman in the 911 recording making the racial slur "fucking coons."

This evening in both Miami and New York City, there will be rallies demanding that criminal charges be filed against Zimmerman. The Bogus Barrister's position on this matter is that he should be arrested. Zimmerman is not law enforcement.

“no information indicating the community where the incident occurred has ever even registered with the NSA Neighborhood Watch program,” said National Sheriff Association's executive director Aaron D. Kennard in an official statement on this matter. You can read it on their website.
The police involved should be filed from the force and also prosecuted along with him. They are clearly protecting this murderer and as such could be tried as accessories.

Note to Police Chief Bill Lee, you should do the honorable thing and resign before you are ousted. You will be ousted. Zimmerman did not kill Trayvon Martin in self defense and the 911 calls prove that he was in fact the agrressor.

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