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It's Phillip Brunelle Daggett again ATF paranormal

Our story that we ran on the Bogus Barrister about Shane Ritter reminded us of the internet shananigans of Phillip Brunelle Daggett. Daggett, is one of our favorite internet characters appears to be at it again. We are sure that after he googles his name and finds this new post, that he will threaten to sue our blog-again. You remember this guy. He's the one who claimed to have won the million lottery, but either winning could be verified.

He tried to sue Taco Bell over a contaminated Taco. Taco Bell thinks that he laced his own taco.

Brunelle was once known as Phillip Daggett, and according to the paper he has a history of fraud.

In September 2008, Brockton police charged him with making a hoax phone call about a deadly shooting.

In January 2008, he reportedly used CPR to save an infant who swallowed a small light bulb.

In November 2006, Daggett falsely claimed he became ill after eating a taco at Taco Bell.

In 2004, he filed a complaint after claiming food at a McDonalds made him sick.

Daggett was also the bartender at Puzzles Lounge in New Bedford when 18-year-old Jacob Robia attacked customers at the gay bar with a hatchet and a gun in February 2006.

Daggett, who is a self employed wedding photographer with complaints on several consumer fraud websites, has always gone above and beyond trying to seek publicity for his various internet projects. In 2010, he started a paranormal website called and this million dollar lottery winner was asking for public donations.

"if ANYONE can ever help me with a donation, whether it's a few dollars or a few hundred, every dollar will help me to get more investigation equipment, to maintain the website, and to have the money needed to travel to, and stay at haunted places. Just click on the donation logo on any page of to help. I'm also looking for advertisers, IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO ADVERTISE ANYTHING AT ALL, EMAIL ME ON THE SITE. "

He was also caught pretending to be the editors from the news website.

The editors saw this press release and we're hoping you could write an article on this for your area:

New Paranormal Website Mass Most Haunted To Feature Compelling Paranormal Evidence

(Copy & paste the url to address bar if not clickable.)

We will check in with your examiner articles soon and hope to see your article on this for your area!

Thank you,
Examiner Editors

The real Examiner editors verified that this email was completely bogus.

Brunelle Daggett also runs a website called, There are complaints on the claiming that this wedding photographer took the money, partied on the bride and groom's tab and never produced the wedding photographs.

Well, his mass most haunted didn't do so well, but that won't stop Daggett from writing more press releases for more paranormal hijinx with his new ventire ATF paranormal. He seems to think there is something unique about a family of ghostbusters.

Ghost Hunting Family With Viral YouTube Videos To Premier Paranormal Series

Author: Phillip Brunelle

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Paranormal ghost videos on YouTube are not only popular during the Halloween season, and one paranormal investigation team has gone above and beyond to prove just that.

A typical YouTuber may have to upload hundreds of videos and put in hundreds of hours of effort into getting their videos noticed, to possibly have one of their videos go viral and to become part of the YouTube Partner Program. However, when Phillip Brunelle, Founder of ATF Paranormal, uploaded a handful of short videos on YouTube from their paranormal investigation of the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Massachusetts, they achieved all of this in just a few months.

"My only intentions at first was to share some video clips of paranormal evidence that we caught on camera at the Lizzie Borden house with friends, family and anyone interested in watching" said Phillip Brunelle of ATF Paranormal, "I had no idea that the videos would become popular, or go viral, but they did."

ATF Paranormal is a mother and sons trio of ghost hunters who shares paranormal videos on YouTube under their channel name "Mass Most Haunted" — SEE IT HERE — Their videos feature their experiences and paranormal evidence from their investigations of the most haunted places around the United States. As of this week, the channel has thousands of subscribers, but even more impressive, ATF Paranormal / Mass Most Haunted has reached a landmark by achieving more than One-Million video views.

Today, the family members of ATF Paranormal announced that they will premier a web-based series on their YouTube partner paranormal channel. Each episode in their web-series will feature the experiences and paranormal evidence from every one of their future paranormal investigations. This announcement was made through their listing on KickStarter — SEE THE LISTING HERE for details.

ATF Paranormal is looking to get a small amount of financial backing to begin their web-based series of paranormal investigations, which will make them the first ever web-based series trio of family ghost hunters. KickStarter is a website that connects film producers and others with investors, who make a financial pledge to support and kick-start the project.

"We aren't looking for a lot of money," said Phillip Brunelle, "we are just hoping to at least get enough funding that will allow us to invest into a semi-professional high definition video camera, new paranormal investigation equipment with advanced technology, and if the pledges go beyond our initial goal it would give us funding for our travel expenses to some new and exciting haunted locations."

The mother and sons trio of ghost hunters are Linda Daggett, and brothers Phillip Daggett-Brunelle and Shawn Daggett, and together they are ATF Paranormal, which is a very fitting acronym for All in The Family Paranormal. The family is based in Massachusetts and currently investigates the most credible reports of paranormal activity and well known places said to be haunted throughout New England, and they hope to soon expand their paranormal investigations throughout the United States.

When it comes to ghosts and the paranormal, there isn't a shortage of skeptics. The paranormal can be somewhat of a controversial topic, but recent surveys show that nearly one in five Americans have had a paranormal experience, one in three Americans believe in ghosts and over half of Americans are open-minded to paranormal activity.

Several television networks have their own version of a ghost hunters or paranormal subject matter series, even the Animal Planet airs a television series called "The Haunted" which features stories from families around the United States who believe that their house is haunted and the ghosts are either being seen by their pets and in some haunting episodes the ghosts are somehow disturbing and even hurting the animals.

While millions of Americans watch these paranormal and ghost hunting shows on television, even more people are going to the internet, watching videos on websites such as YouTube. With this fact in mind, it's exactly how ATF Paranormal has already achieved over a million views on their YouTube videos, and the reason this ghost hunting family hopes to get the funding they need on the KickStarter website.

Phillip Brunelle has gone from sharing his videos from a haunting experience with some family and friends, to becoming the newest member of the YouTube million viewers club. ATF Paranormal has taken their YouTube channel, Mass Most Haunted, to the next level after they were accepted into the YouTube Partnership Program, which means they earn a share of advertising revenue from YouTube on every video they share on their channel.

"I think this would be the perfect opportunity to bring our family closer through a common interest that we all share," said Phillip Brunelle, "now all we can do is hope that our KickStarter project will raise the money we need in the next couple weeks to turn our vision into a reality."

The project will remain on KickStarter until 11:59pm on March 1st, 2012 and if ATF Paranormal raises enough money to reach their goal amount, or higher, their project will be funded. If they do not reach the amount set for their goal in this timeline, their project will not be funded. You Can View Their KickStarter Project Here.

We will keep you updated on this one.


  1. ATF Paranormal, "I had no idea that the videos would become popular, or go viral, but they did." LOL WUT who the hell is this clown?

  2. This is funny. Check this out.

    "Phillip Brunelle has gone from sharing his videos from a haunting experience with some family and friends, to becoming the newest member of the YouTube million viewers club. ATF Paranormal has taken their YouTube channel, Mass Most Haunted, to the next level after they were accepted into the YouTube Partnership Program, which means they earn a share of advertising revenue from YouTube on every video they share on their channel."

    He makes it sound like letting youtube put anoying ads next to your videos is some sort of top honor. You don't need to have any number of minimum views to do this either. It's under "settings" click on that and go to "montization." You need to have a Google ad sense account linked to your youtube account in order for them to pay you. I'd rather not make a few pennies from these ads then have them there to annoy my viewers and I damn sure don't want to give Google my private information to sign up for ad sense because as we all know, Google has some serious privacy issues.

    What types of videos are eligible?
    For a video to be eligible, you must own worldwide distribution rights to everything in the video and the video must abide by our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

    This means you have created everything in your video yourself, and you did not sell exclusive commercial usage rights to someone else. If your video contains content created by someone else, you must have their written permission to use and make money from it.

    Examples of videos that could be eligible include:
    You filmed your cat and there is no background music.
    Your video contains royalty-free music, and you can prove commercial rights using direct links to the song and applicable license.
    Your friend's band wrote and recorded a song for your video and states in writing that you can use and make money from it.
    Which videos are NOT eligible?
    Your video is not eligible if it contains content that you didn't create or get permission from its creator to use. You need to be able to show written permission for the following video elements:

    Audio: recorded music, live performances, cover songs, background music, etc.
    Visuals: images, logos, software, video game footage, etc.
    Any other content you don't own worldwide commercial usage rights to.
    Examples of videos that are NOT eligible
    Your video contains a song you purchased for personal use (e.g., bought on iTunes or in a store) but didn't obtain a commercial license.
    You found a video on the Internet and you cannot prove that it's in public domain.
    You are only singing words of your favorite copyrighted song
    You have used content from someone else without permission, but you haven't yet received a copyright notice on your video.
    You edit together or "mash-up" other works
    You only use 30 seconds of a song or video clip
    Your video does not provide proper attribution or credits as required by a license.
    If your video is not eligible, it may be removed from YouTube.

  3. AnonymousJune 16, 2012

    What a douche bag! He should have used the money he stole from us at our wedding for photos we never saw to fund his bogus paranormal shenanigans. Geez!

  4. There are numerous complaints from people who say they hired him to take wedding photographs and that he took their money and never gave them any pictures. The guy is a scammer. Here is another write up on this guy. You will have to paste this in the browser because links in the comments section are not "live" links. This is a summary of his internet scams


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