Wednesday, April 25, 2012


With due respect how is life over there I hope all is fine if so thanks be to God almighty,
I pray may the blessing and protection of the lord continues be with us amen. I know this message may come to you as a surprise, and I also know a transaction of this magnitude will make any one feel apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring you that all will be fine at the end of the day. I came to know you in my Private Search for a Reliable and Reputable Person to handle this confidential inheritance Transaction with me, but I have never known you yet,
But however it may be I have to believe and trust in you because sometimes in life we come across meet the right people and also sometimes in life we also come and across meet the wrong people, but still God we trust. And I pray may you be the right person to trust because of urgent purposes.

I am a Libya from North Africa in Libya-Tripoli, born in May 12th 1986 in Libya; I am the first Daughter and the only Daughter of my father; the late senator Mohammed Abdullah Mustafa that died on poising died in a prison, on 17 of February 2011 and my mother died inside the crisis of the war that take place recently.
My father died inside prison because the Libya forma president mama gadahafi accused him of supporting the crises Against him at that time, But right now things is turning up and down for me and my little brother because of my late father brothers, they are trying to kill me and my only brother because my mother background is from utopia, just for them to have the way to steal all my late father money and properties that my father worked for.

While I am telling you all this is because I need assistant that will help and support me to achieve my late father left inheritance because I have trust in you to do anything with you and also I need your full support to help me transfer my late father's money into your account for my Safety, Please friend, you don't have to worry about any thing because I will offer you 30% share of the money and 20% share of the properties, because my late father brother they are trying to kill me and my little brother and steel my late father money into another account and also they are trying to take over the deposited certificate that my father gave me before his death. Please try and do urgently to help me out so that the money will be transfer into your account immediately.

The money is lairing at the bank, the sum of 26 million dollars with (4) kilos of diamond and (7) kilos of gold, If you know that you can be able to help me out in this situation , please I need your urgent reply, So that the certificate deposited will be sent to you and more details will be giving to you, them me and my little brother will like to come over there to stay in your country and open a nice investment in your place and establish a good life and a better future. REPLY ME 

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