Sunday, April 22, 2012

PublishAmerica's response to one of their authors

Recently, one of their authors voiced their concerns and was sent this letter in response. These types of emails sent in response to author's questions are nothing new, but what is of note, are PA's sales and earnings claims.
They also claim there aren't any lawsuits against them. I guess they deny that James Sylvester won a judgment against them in California and that after winning said judgement Mr. Sylvester had to file in the state of Maryland for help with enforcing that order.
Dear {author} What you say is false. There are no lawsuits pending against us. What you read is false. As you can see below, we only read part of your message, and we deleted the rest before reading it. We will be happy to remove you from our email list. We understand your concern, but you should know that what you read is simply false. The websites to which you refer have long ago lost credibility, and it would appear that they are rarely taken seriously. If even ten percent of it were true, PublishAmerica would have been out of business a long time ago. These folks are not singling out PublishAmerica. Try a Google search on any vanity publisher, and you will see similar nonsense. And those are vanity publishers who charge authors money. PublishAmerica charges nothing, and works in the traditional publishing way. Actually, our reputation is stellar! We have been growing, for 12 years! We have 57,000 titles under contract. And THOUSANDS of the authors keep telling the world how happy they are: Over 4,000 now, unsolicited. That, of course, is the real story. For every one author who complains, there are many more who praise us. Our books are widely available, through numerous sources around the world. We have sold millions of books. We have been making the authors of 57,000 books happy now for twelve years. Please read the following information carefully, and we will be happy to answer further questions. You'll want to do the math in comparing our 4,000,000 happy customers, and our 4,000 written testimonials to the widely-mocked handful of complainers that you mention. Apparently you have read some very old, and very false, news. Here is some standard boilerplate info; please read it, and if we can answer anything further, it would be our pleasure: PublishAmerica represents traditional publishing for tens of thousands of authors, both new and old, plus, tellingly, it represents the end of the vanity publishing industry. Therefore, we are bound to make headlines, and to cause concern to those who profit from charging authors money. Partly as a result of the on-line efforts that you read, our popularity has risen so dramatically that each day over 100 new authors contact us, wanting to join PublishAmerica. You have apparently read some very old false statements on the internet. You may be interested to know what happened to someone else who made false statements about PublishAmerica. The one-man "leader" of the one-man, widely-mocked, Preditors & Editors "organization" lost credibility long ago, and was recently sued by PublishAmerica's attorney. He falsely accused PublishAmerica and its attorney of numerous unethical and illegal activities. He was served a summons to attend trial and testify, and a judgement was entered by a jury. What he said was found to be simply, plainly, false and malicious, and the jury rejected his testimony. He was ordered to pay $53,000 in damages, and his paychecks are being garnished. Also, with this type of judgement, seizing personal property is a common occurrence. Additionally, websites with content related to what he said have long ago lost credibility, and it appears that they are rarely taken seriously. We've seen them mocked many times, and their ringleaders are being sued in New Jersey for libel and other objectionable behavior. Their attorney in that case, who also was a frequent poster, was suspended from the practice of law by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission because he defrauded an elderly lady. The Commission's order said that he is "unfit to practice law", "poses a threat to the public and the integrity of the legal profession", and that he was "lying upon lying upon lying". Fortunately, few people take them seriously, and we rarely hear their name mentioned from any of our roughly 40,000 happily contracted authors or from the more than 200,000 aspiring authors who have sought a PublishAmerica contract to date. Among these are thousands upon thousands of professionals, including lawyers, doctors, and professors, plus many previously published authors and celebrities. If you care to know what real PublishAmerica authors have to say about the nonsense out there in naysay-land, these links may be very helpful: Seeing that, it should come as no surprise that 40 pct of our current authors request that we also publish their next book. That's an astonishing number, given that this reportedly amounts to roughly 100 pct of all authors who actually finish a second book. It tells you something about our authors' satisfaction rate. Many businesses proudly boast that they have a 95% customer satisfaction ratio. Our ratio is far, far and away above 95%. We operate within only the highest ethical standards. See for more information. Here is a brief overview of PublishAmerica: - Each day, over 100 new authors request to become PublishAmerica authors- Each year, over 25,000 new authors request to become PublishAmericaauthors- 4,000,000 households served- Proud authors of 57,000 titles contracted- Thousands of positive newspaper reviews, interviews, or feature stories- Thousands of book signing events in bookstores across the nation- 12 years in business- 12 years of steady growth- 12 years of doing what no other publisher has ever done before,much less for free: bringing a status of class to a previouslyignored mass of aspiring authors. Barnes and Noble alone orders books from PublishAmerica each day. Thousands, each and every month, of PublishAmerica books are sold in bookstores across the nation. Bookstores buy a PublishAmerica book almost two thousand times every day. The PublishAmerica message board is overflowing with testimonials from our authors about their books being stocked in bookstores. Hundreds of bookstores across the nation stock our books. In closing, it's good to remember that in the not too distant past, authors who were spurned by the established publishing houses had only one alternative left to them: self-publishing through a vanity press. According to industry insiders, when all is said and done vanity publishers charge an average $1400 in return for "publishing" someone's book. Since the arrival of PublishAmerica, who charges zero dollars, period, our authors have kept almost $50 million (!) in their own pockets, money that otherwise could have ended up in vanity coffers. And you still wonder where the mud comes from? When PublishAmerica entered the market now almost twelve years ago, there were three major vanity houses angling for the wallets of authors. Today, after authors discovered PublishAmerica and came running to us in droves, only one of those pay-to-publish entities is still left standing. And you wonder why we, the ultimate agent of change, encounter some hostility? We hope that this information is helpful, and that you will be very happy with our ever-growing family of authors. And again, if you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.
PublishAmerica is hosting authors conventions!
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