Sunday, April 8, 2012

Re:Hello dear

I am sorry to disturb you with this message but after going through your profile, i decided

to let you know base on what am going through. My name is Vanisa Tagro, A final year student

in University of Cocody Abidjan Code D'Ivoire. My father was one of the ministers during

Laurent Gbagbo regime.
My father was murdered along with my mother by the Alassane-Ouattara rebels when they were

moving from the capital city to the village where they relocated during Cote D'ivoire

political crises.

It was only me left and i move to my uncle during political crises. The funeral of my parent

was to hold and my uncle requested that i should give him some of my fathers documents. I

refused and he collaborated with his wife and turn against me.
My father has a lot of properties in Cote D'ivoire which some of them were seized by the

current president. In course of searching for my father's properties, my uncle's wife served

me a poison meal. But as God may have it, i was weak that day and have some symptom of

malaria and lost of appetite, i had no appetite to eat the food, i waited and take the food

to dog.

Surprising, the following morning only dog at home died. Everybody were asking what happen,

after an hour the wife came to me if i eat the food last night and i responded yes of course.

From there i discovered my self and was having no option than to make a move to save my life.

I run out from the house and move to my course mate with the parent to save me life.
I came to you to know if you will help me receive some amount of money my father left in one

bank in Cote D'ivoire. I have called our lawyer but we needed a foreigner to help me receive

the fund so i may move over to your country to finish my education.

If its interest you to help me out, i will give you more details and getting the money has no

risk involved. Beside, forgive me for my poor English as french is our number one speaking

and writing language.

What i need is your full name and adddress, Your bank informations so i will inform our

lawyer to do all the cliaming documents on your name so the money will be transferred to your

account over there while i come over to finish my education and also start one business with

the money that can help me to take care of my education.
The Total money involve is 6.4 Million Euros i will send you the copies of the deposit slip

as soon as i hear from you,
Vanisa Tagro

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