Monday, April 2, 2012

Sarah Jones Cheerleader and teacher charged with sexual abuse

Sarah Jones, former Bengals cheerleader has been accused of sex abuse, and her mother, Cheryl Jones, middle school principal who allegedly covered up her daughter's crime, entered pleas of not guilty during their arraignment Monday in Kenton County, Kentucky. This is just a shocking crime. Sarah Jones was a teacher at the middle school which is where these allegations of sexual abuse come from . Jones resigned from her teaching job at Dixie Heights High School in November, citing personal reasons, shortly after the allegations came to light.

Jones is no stranger to controversy. She made an appearance on the the who accused her of other sexual misconduct. She is back on the site for an encore performance.
Jones has been fighting a legal battle against gossip website after it published a post, titled “The Dirty Bengals Cheerleader,” in which a commenter alleged that Jones had slept with all the members of the Bengals team and had STDs. Her lawsuit against the Dirty was set to go to trial in June but with this latest round of allegations, she will have a difficult time proving that the website damaged her reputation. It seems pretty clear that Jones ruined her own reputation. Of course, Hooman Karamaian aka Nik Richie owner of the Dirty, has been busy posting articles about Jones who has become a favorite topic of discussion.

But now check this out, back in 2010, Jones actually got an 11 million dollar judgement for this alleged defamation. One problem. Her attorney sued the wrong website. That's right. They sued the owner of

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