Friday, May 11, 2012

PublishAmerica's Absolutely Free is anything but free

Here's the actual pitch from their email citing "Absolutely free", then requiring 29 dollars for the author and 39 dollars for the spouse.


Dear Southeastern states author:

Come to our authors convention in Atlanta on June 15, meet your book tour assistant, Jessica Goode, because you're going on a book tour!
for absolutely free!

If you register for our Atlanta authors convention today, Jessica will schedule an appointment with you in Atlanta to discuss your book tour!

The Renaissance Waverly Hotel and Conference Center is a spectacular venue. The convention takes place in their ballroom, and we'll host a mass group book signing in their 14-story atrium – it's unlike anything you've done before!

Registration fee is only $29!


Really? What will my wife get out of this other than watching authors pitch their books? When did free become 29 plus 39 dollars? And 99 dollars for a 6x3 table? Isn't it in their best interest for you to sell the books they charge you to buy only from them? Now you have to pay them more to sell your books too?

The only thing I expected to pay for was my transportation and lodging. Let's see, if I sold 100 books and made 4 dollars each, after paying travel and lodging fees - well there's over 400 dollars right there. And that's IF I sold 100 copies, which among 1000 other authors might be wishful thinking.

I fail to see where the profit is for the author.

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