Saturday, May 5, 2012

south Florida craigslist pets warning

I recently had a pup up for adoption.
I received text messages from a woman claiming to be a single mom who wanted the pup at a discounted rate of $50 for her daughters birthday.
Being a good hearted person i agreed and decided to meet at the supposed house of her brother while she was at "work".
Once i got there i saw through an open window of a shack like apt in the ghetto at least 10-15 puppies running around, all different breeds.
I saw a couple of tired looking adult pitbulls ( one black and white and the other gray) and a trashed looking home.
Her brother showed up, obviously intoxicated and asked for the dog, obviously i did not give it to him.
He claimed his name was Jake then today i typed his phone number into the craigslist search and found a 2 week old ad for lab puppies under the name of Kevin.
Then today just browsing I saw an ad for pitbull puppies under the name Jim, same phone number. titled "10 week old blue nose pup"
When i inquired about the pitbulls, posing as an interested buyer he said they were $300 each and that if i didnt like pitbulls to just tell him what I was looking for because he is a breeder and could get it for me.
Shame to you jake kevin jim or whoever you are!
Buying and reselling dogs without even taking care of them while you have them!
Get a life!
these pits have been bred too many times!
do not give these people your puppies!
his address:
1105 s federal hwy
Lake worth fl 33460 (Community name is casa loma)
phone numbers are:
names he goes by: jake jim an kevin

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