Monday, May 14, 2012

These PublishAmerica authors know what time it is

I have had (6) books published by Publish America and the only purchases were mine! I am out (many) hundreds of dollars, including funds paid for promotion via Publish America! The books are priced way too high and this is why they don't sell. Barnes & Nobles refused to buy for this reason!!

Pete N Michele Cobb
Come on PA! When our you going to give a good promotion to purchase books like you use too! I love the 80 % off discount for 8 books, but almost $50 for shipping. I need to order copies of my two books, but the shipping charge is killing me!

Frogg Corpse

I wont' be buying anything else. from you. or anything promotional. i get no response from anyone or updates only a flood of "Buy our services, which yeild no communication." I write with no reply or a vague one of whats going on with no an...swer to my questions or updates. ive resquested books to be specifically given out, to certain people who can help along with giving my own information of resources locally for pres skit which i should never have to do as a contracted client. which alas im done. let truth be told.

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