Friday, June 29, 2012

From the desk of Mr Jules Bongo Nigerian scammer

Good Day
Greetings to you and your family this is to inform you that I received your message and the content is well understood, like I told you in my proposal that one of
our deceased customer left this fund in our bank since almost five years now and no body has ever come for the claim since that time, that is why I have
decided to contact you as a foreign partner to solidly stand on the claim as business partner next of kin so that the money will be transfer to your private
account the sum of USD$9.500.000.000 united state dollars, because the bank want to move the money into banking treasurer as unclaimed fund after five

This project is harmless for I have secured all the necessary information and as in insider shall always protect you, in regards to this project I want you to know
that you must keep this project confidential and must make sure you maintain the trust which I have trusted in you, because I will not like any thing to happen to
this fund since all my hope and effort has been invested on this project for more than 11 months.

Note the bank does not know that I am the one given you all this information you must protect me all around before the management to avoid misconduct over this
project, and try to keep this project confidential, any mail you received similar to this project should be forwarded to you to advise you to avoid suspect from the
bank, and always tell me the truth, my good friend I am a business minded person and will be happy you play your rules with sincere, since I have arranged the
necessary information to assist you anytime any day , and once again I remind you that if you abide to my instruction before 14 working days this money will be
into your account

Note Regards to the arrangement I made I want this fund to be transferred to your account within (10 or 14 working days) I contacted you because I am not
capable of handling this deal alone. Be rest assured that this deal is 100% risk-free; I promised to use my position in the bank to perfect the smooth transfer of
the fund direct to your account after approval, I have all information about the deceased customer; the only thing I need from you is a positive attention and for
you to know more, the following is the details information of the deceased

The original account holder was Eng. David CARTIER, an origin of Mauritius who naturalized in Burkina Faso for 11 years as a contractor with ECOWAS, and his
qualification is engineer.
A) Name of the Deceased Eng. David CARTIER
B) Nationality………… Mauritius
C) Occupation …………Contractor With ECOWAS
D) Address……………… Rue 40 Boulevard Pedro, Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
E) Account Number ………………024934109564249.
F) Account Secret Code………………Corisbfbf
G) Account Type…………………….Domiciliary Account

Regard to the arrangement in which to actualise this project I have decided to librates all the information of the deceased and my personal information too, as to
prove to you that your positive attention is really need and will be happy that you keep this information secret since it is an a useful information on this project, for
you to know me better here are my personal information and I advice you study it very well while you reconfirm to me your private information, please call me
after going through this message.

My full name is JULES Bongo
My date of birth: 08 august 1967
My place of birth : Fada N'gourma Burkina Faso
My sex : Male
My qualifications : M.B.A in Economics
My occupation : Banker
My present position in the bank (C.B.I) Office of Regional Director
My marital Status : Married with 2 children
My nationality : Burkina Faso West Africa
My home Address : N° 82 Avenue Yenuga Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
My telephone N°: 0022678 03 92 44

Finally, I demand the highest trust from you and 100% attention to enable this money be in your account without delay; 40% of the total sum shall be for you, 20%
for the orphans in the world, while 40% will for me ok.

I hope to have your words, note please calling on phone is very necessary, since we are going to follow normal bank procedures to enable you have access to
the fund as soon as the bank transfer it into your account. Reply this letter after reading it, so that i will send to you a letter of demand for you to send to the

Be committed to this transaction,
To enable us achieve it under 14working days
From the desk of Mr Jules Bongo
Bill and exchange manager
Coris Bank International
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
Telephone number 0022678 03 92 44

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