Saturday, June 23, 2012

scammer writing my company

This scammer wrote our comapny begging for some money and we wrote back to tell him that we are not a charity. Now he keeps flooding our office with emails. In his first email he was pretending to be "Rita Johnson" but the reply address has always been the same: even though he forged the emails to make it look like they came from another account RITA JOHNSON 
Dear Friend
Thanks for your kind response; I am very happy because you have
decided to help my mother and I to get this money out of South Africa
to your country.
I want you to know that my mother and I are using a refugee permit.
According to the South African law; the refugee permit holders are not
allowed to operate in any banking activities, such as opening of bank
account and etc. We would like you to make out time out of your work
schedule and come to South Africa to open a non resident bank account
where the money will be deposited before onward transfer to your own
bank account in your country in your country

Please get back to us immediately, with your kind response.
Thank you

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