Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stouts Irish Pub get tanked and shanked in one stop

Hey gang. I came across this interesting review on a Miami food blog. It deserves a mention here because this pub is a neighbor of a favorite topic here on the Bogus Barrister, Ms. Nikki Bass. It looks like that whole area is just bad news. But Nikki is in good company with the thugs who are running this new bar. Jesus Christ. Nikki's massage parlor is being run by some people killing goats? WTF. Anyhoo, they pissed off the media or some Miami mover and shaker and then turned around and invited them to come to their grand opening and publicize them.

South Florida's New Sports Bar & Grill

Will Hold Their Grand Opening on Friday, June 29th and on

Saturday June 30th will host an All-Day Benefit for




You and other foodists (see note below),

socially active opinion shapers, hyper

communicators, civic leaders and all around


Are urged to stop by for a

Special Preview Happy Hour

Friday, June 8th

6 – 9 PM

3419 N. Andrews Avenue, Oakland Park

(a block north of Oakland Park Blvd.)

So we may

DAZZLE you with the gorgeous interior;

IMPRESS you with the smart and efficient staff,

GORGE you with half-priced Shepherd's Pie and

REFRESH you with a pint of STOUT

….. in hopes you might spread the good word about

STOUT far and wide and return often to repeat the experience.

Please let Cali know if you will be able to stop by this Friday the 8th

We want to be sure we have enough Shepherd's Pie for Everyone!

RSVP to:


Sure, we will spread the word about STOUT far and wide. It would be our pleasure. We always have inside information and this is no exception. {company redacted} is one of the largest fashion news media outlets in Miami and because of which we are invited to all the red carpets and grande openings. That comes as no surprise. What is shocking to us, is that this invitation to {name redacted} comes from STOUT BAR & GRILLE in Oakland Park. The building located at 3419 N. Andrews Avenue, used to be an Irish Pub called Biddy Early's. Biddy Early's shut their doors after they were allegedly held up at gun point during an event involving the Broward County water department. We have no idea if the new owners are aware of that or not. At least one reviewer, pointed out that Stout is located in a less than favorable neighborhood. . Not that we think this review holds any credibility as per the statement " all of the other buildings nearby appear to be abandoned, so there's plenty of parking." {name} can vouch for the fact that none of these other building are abandoned. We happen to operate out of one of them. There is currently one unit that isn't rented. Now the "plenty of parking" statement is true, Stout does have plenty of parking but evidently not enough since their valet's and their customers repeatedly take up all of {name of media company} spaces and the spaces of our plaza. This has become such a nightmare for us, that one of the neighboring businesses posted a tow zone sign for our plaza. since the sign went up, the valets and the big bouncer looking managers have been bullying and threatening one of the business owners who is an elderly man. I suppose they are the "smart and efficient staff," that we are to be so impressed with. The buisness owners feel the staff has bad mouthed them so much their customers might attack.
The elderly man who runs the music shop stated," They are certainly threatening to beat the hell out of me."

The business owner further explained that three guys to be exact and several people have made nasty comments.

I have had to defend {company} space and have had confrontations with their belligerant and drunken patrons. The patrons have made threats and outrageous accusations that make it obvious that the employees may be trash talking the local business owners. The attitudes of Stout owners and patrons have been so beligerant that our office has found the need to arm itself. We have seen people stripping down in this parking lot, starting fights with each other in our parking lot. One guy beat up his wife in our parking lot. We had plans to expand it's business into a modeling agency, but those plans have been postponed until we relocate our office. Any questions why? The whole situation has been nothing but a hinderance to our company and now they query us for a review. Well here it is.

So imagine our surprise when we get an invitation from Stout, calling us "socially active opinion shapers, hyper communicators, civic leaders and all around BIG TALKERS." We are most definitely the style setters but I think Stout already has enough Big talkers in their employ. They don't need to attract any more.

I personally had an exchange with a man who attempted to park in the last available parking space. The marker clearly states that the spot is reserved for our office. He starts shaking his fist at me and accused me of having towed a "black camero." The camero story changes depending upon the customer. We have heard the camero was white or red! In truth, no car has been towed from this lot yet. That doesn't stop the rumours from flying or the patrons from getting fired up and its originating from somebody over there.

The man who I exchanged words with threatened me by repeatedly saying " you better watch!" I'm former military and I'm supposed to be intimidated by this lot, how?

This is not a neighborhood or an establishment that I would bring my family to and so I cannot recommend it to our readers. The clientele and hostile behavior of the employees, has caused our office to arm itself.

In this plaza, there is us, a music store and on the end is a store which still has the NJ Etheticians Clinic signs up. The location 3481 North Andrews was made famous by Nicole Joubert also known as Nikki Bass who was operating a brothel up until the day of her arrest at the plaza. There is a large group of Haitian folks who are there now and they gather to perform Voodoo rituals. Couple of weeks ago, it was discovered that they killed a goat and left its remains at the side of the building. Appetizing, no?

By the way guy, you don't make Shepherd's Pie the way you have it in this photograph.


  1. AnonymousJune 06, 2012

    This is one of the worst areas in Lauderdale. I know this area well. Even before Stout was there, that street in front of Hess has had a problem with hit and run accidents. There was a guy who got hit on a motorcycle and then there was that other guy that was hit on his bicycle. The guy on the motorcycle was run over by a guy who floored it and pulled out of the Stout lot when it was still Biddy Earlys. That guy was dragged about 20 feet.

  2. AnonymousJune 10, 2012

    how many "grand openings" is Stout going to have? i was there at the March st patricks day grand opening. The neighborhood is terrible and the food isnt worth the risk of being carjacked or mugged.

  3. AnonymousJune 15, 2012

    "Nikki's massage parlor is being run by some people killing goats? WTF" This surprises you? It seems there are several animal haters in that vicinity. I however have been having a problem with Stout patrons parking on my lawn and right up against my fence. Since these low lifes have been coming to this bar my turtles in my backyard have been found dead. I'm talking like 8 turtles within a week and a half.

  4. AnonymousJune 29, 2012

    oh man there customers are the lowest of the low class and they are a huge problem in this neighborhood. They keep parking on my lawn in front of my house. They start fights and throw their garbage everywhere.


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