Friday, July 20, 2012

Hope For Homeless Animals Scam Tamarac Florida

The Bogus Barrister has recieved a tip after our reports about the Boggs Mountain Animal Rescue scandal in Georgia. We have promised to look into allegations of fraud and abuse within other rescues and shelters across the United States. This report is regarding a South Florida animal rescue organization known as Hope For Homeless Animals. They have been accused of buying pets and reselling them and telling potential adoptors these animals were "rescued."

"We are a very small non for profit rescue. As we don't have a physical shelter, all of our associates are volunteers. We do what we do for the love of the animal, and the joy we see when the adoptive parents or parent come back and tell us how much they love the animal. We have about 20 dogs right now and 5 cats. All of our animals are currently being fostered in wonderful, loving homes. We hold adoptions every Saturday & Sunday at the Petco in Tamarac on the corner of Commercial Blvd. and University Drive. During the week we can also make arrangements for one on one adoptions."

How can you be an animal rescue organization without a "physical shelter?" It's easy. Just file for 501 c 3 status and go sell your animals at the local Petco!

The complaints we recieved are from individuals who have sold puppies to a woman who goes by the name of Sharon or sometimes spells it as Sharyn. Sharon responded to one CL ad in particular and told the seller that her sister and nephew also wanted the puppies so she purchased the entire litter. Guess where these puppies were seen next? At the Petco in Tamarac being passed off as rescued dogs and also boasting "rehoming" fees several times more than what she paid for them.

This person is known to post her ads on Craigslist, and several other websites where you can post free ads.

The Bogus Barrister contacted the IRS to verify the claims of tax exempt status. They have no record of any company by the name of "Hope For Homeless Animals" not even any company doing business as. The IRS even allows the public to search their tax exempt status records Check it out yourself.

The only records we could find were the Articles of Incorporation filed with the Florida Department of State. As you can see the state of Florida knows this incorporator as "Sharm." The address given on this document is 301 Coral Way in Hollywood Fl. This appears to be a condominium.

The only address that can be found for this group is
5837 N. University Drive Tamarac. That's the address to Petco where they bring these animals every Saturday and Sunday from 1-6 pm. The question that I'm sure most of us are wondering is if two of the parties listed with the Department of state in connection with this rescue organization are living at the same address in the same condominium unit, exactly where are these animals being housed? And as a public charity they claim to be, the public has a right to know.

Contributors to the Bogus Barrister will travel to the area and go see what's going on. We will attempt to talk to the store management and if necessary, corporate. We will be posting updates.

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  1. after I contacted a local rescue to adopt a puppy I came across this "rescue" group, and when I found our how much she wanted, I decided to research them, and I found this article. sharon falcone is her name, and apparently she's at it again, not only posting ads on craigslist... but now she's involved "pets in distress" which I thought was legitimate pet rescue. I wonder if they're getting kickbacks for her dogs which I'm sure she's buying off craigslist and selling for $350+!!! its despicable. and if you research her further, you'll see she's had pictures of her giving immunizations with dirty needles in filthy public bathrooms (which is why she's no longer allowed to SELL her puppies at Petco) search her listings on craigslist, she always uses her phone # (954)826-7699 . flag her ads, contact craigslist, put a stop to her disgusting practices!!! kathy


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