Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Melissa Maxwell Nigerian scammer posting on Craigslist

From: Melissa Maxwell
Sent: Tue, Jul 17, 2012 7:29 am
Subject: Re: House Miami Gardens

about the keys and document,We intend sending the keys and the house documents Via FedEx or regular mail delivery to your address, thats why i ask you to fill that application so i will know what to write in the rental papers and also where to mail the keys and papers. as i told you before you will only be paying the security deposit before you receive keys/papers to move into the house as i will use that to process the delivery of the keys and papers and i will also have to pay extra for you to receive the package door step delivery, even if you are not ready to move into the house now you will have to hold down the house by having custody of the papers and keys until you are ready as the rent will not start counting until you move into the house with the deposit, so that we will use it to mail you keys and papers....because we are very busy with work and want to get this over and done with as we will be moving to another The Gambia in few days......i have the keys and papers here with me that i will mail to you via overnight delivery and you will get this keys and papers tomorrow or next day evening then you can go and start getting ready to move in if you like, i know you have not seen the inside of the house but i want you to know that it is a house you cant help but be suprise that we are renting for so low, we just want someone in the house so it will not be unkept and dirty..everything in the house is brand new and we did that just to make sure the house is in good order

Please once again, we are giving you this based on trust and do not disappoint us and i promise you that you will love the house.about any repairs, you will just have it fixed and let me know the amount you used in fixing it, even if you fixed it your self the amount will be deducted from the preceding months rent and you will send the remaining same way as you will send this deposit......and the untilities has be postpaid by my organisation so you will not be paying any utilities they already are on my name ok?.......

Here are the contents of the document you will be receiving .
1) House Entrance keys and the rooms Keys
2) House Rental form(Containing your reference details)
3) The house documentary file, address and description
4) Security deposit Receipt ( Refundable ).

I will also need you to confirm your delivery details and also to answer the below questions so as to certify my worries about where i am sending this very important documents....

Delivery Name:
Delivery Address:
Phone #:
For how to send the money we would prefer western union money transfer, hope you have that around you. because we have that at the airport and it will make payment easy, so get back to me so i can send you to the information on how to send the deposit.....and please you have to promise me and really give me your word that you will be paying the rent not later that 1 week after you move into the house and you will let me know exact move in day.....hope i can trust you on that...?

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