Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FREDERICK PAUL GONZALEZ Scammer dear beneficiary of huge invisable funds

ATTENTION OF:Entitled Beneficiary of Huge FUNDS The United Nations Financial Authority (UNFA) has just concluded the general meeting of today, in which good progress was confirmed in your favor. The meeting lasted for three (3) hours because all the officials from various parastatals were present.The delegates from London,United Kingdom;sent by the honorable President of EUFC (European Union Financial Commission) were in the meeting,the officials of IMF World Audits (including Mrs.Margaret Powell and Alvin T Clyde) arrived in good time >before commencement of the meeting. Also,present in the crucial meeting of today were Mr.Gabriel Alanson and Kenneth Irwin Dickson from Commonwealth Financial Network office in California and the senior Financial Auditor from the Bank of England. The meeting started in a good time and all of the invited officials plus the executives of United Nations General Assembly joined at the conference and the meeting commenced in
earnest. The remittance FILE bear your last name was pre

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