Sunday, November 11, 2012

Has Publish America really closed

I notice that PA has not made any public statements involving them since OCt 5th which was when Meiners wrote that letter about Hagens Berman claiming to have won that lawsuit. The judge dismissed it but asked the plaintiffs to refile another petition. They did not win anything. The judge did not make any ruling as to their fraud. PA has never been silent for this long. Especially when money is to be scammed from their authors. The Miami International Book fest is coming up next week and we all know PA normally would be claiming to have a booth or that they are sending their "delegation." yet not a word from them. It would be their style to slither off without fanfare and regroup as a new shady business entity. Perhaps PA should have spent more time building a reputable company rather than blowing all of their funds trying to sue their detractors. If they are gone then I say good riddance. a look at their business listing on City Search

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