Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hollywood screen writer Geoffrey Prather cuts ties with PublishAmerica

Who remembers that promo that publishamerica sent out about a "joint venue" between screenwriter Geoffrey Prather (who incidentally happens to be Miranda Prather's brother) and PublishAmerica? We remember. If you need to refresh your memory, you can find that promotion discussed here for $149 publishamerica claimed that the indy screen writer  would turn their authors into stars!  We have an update that comes right from Mr. Prather. After learning about PublishAmerica, he vows to have nothing more to do with them. Smart move, Mr. Prather. Do not let these con artists ruin your good name. From: Geoffrey Prather And thank you for getting back to me.  It's good to know this side of things. If PA was telling authors that everyone who wanted their book adapted was going to get it that is just lunacy.  I'm one guy!  No way I could adapt all the books I was asked to select from in a lifetime.  If they were charging and offering refunds to whomever didn't get picked and then didn't go through with it that is completely wrong.  Your advice is well said. I won't be involved with them anymore. As far as the two scripts I did write I would like to make sure the authors get to read them so if you have any way of contacting Daniel Berenthall I would appreciate that if you're comfortable sending it my way. Or if you do and could provide him with my email address that would work to. I sent the script for Someday's Promise to Kaycee Ellenden.  Just want to do the same with him.Thanks again,Geoffrey Prather

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