Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mariette Bothma

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Subject: Hello dear.

Hello dear.

I am sending you this proposal with deep concerned as to seek for your help out of my present situation, although we did not know before, but after praying over my problems, my inner spirit told me that you are the right person to approach.

I am Miss Mariette Bothma, the only daughter of (Late) Mr. & Mrs Raymond Bothma, my mother died when I was young, then my father been a caring man took very good care of me till November 2TH 2011 that all my joy turn to sorrow , after a brief illness he died in his sleep.

But there is some rumour going around right now that he was poisoned by one of my uncle. Although I cannot be able to verify this because they have rejected my request for autopsy before he was buried. But after the funeral some of his close associates have warned me to stay away, because I might be the target if it is true that he was poisoned.

There is this amount of (US $12 .5M) (Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) which my father deposited in the Bank here in Abidjan-Cote Ivoire before his untimely death. My father was a highly reputable business man, he deals in Cafe and Cocoa seeds and I am in the position of the document the bank issued to him when he deposited the money.

Now I have decided to transfer and invest this money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside Cote Ivoire due to circumstances surrounding my father's death, and I didn't trust anyone here. I want you to help me transfer and invest this money in any lucrative business in your country considering my age and not having any experience about investment-especially of the magnitude this will require.

I want immediately the money is transferred to you I will come over to your country to continue my education under your care. If you can be of a sincere assistance to me, please do get back to me for more details. I await your immediate response.

Thanks and be blessed.


Mariette Bothma.

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