Monday, December 31, 2012

Adam Lanza's body claimed by his father- commentary

ABC news has really jumped the shark. They just ran a story an hour ago about Peter Lanza, father of Adam Lanza claiming his son's remains. They pointed out that like murderers past, the location of his remains are unknown as are plans for his funeral and burial. We all know that Adam Lanza is the accused lone gunman in the Sandy Hook shooting, despite the fact that the "official" story has more holes in it than my grandfather's socks. I find the comments to this story to be off color to say the least. Oddly enough, the general public seems to place the blame squarely on Nancy Lanza's shoulders. Nancy Lanza was the first to be murdered the day of the Sandy Hook Shootings. "She is lucky she is not here to face the moral and legal consequences." writes one commenter. What legal consequences would there be for her? Adam Lanza was legally an adult. I see nobody pointing any blame at the father which looks like gender bias. None of us here at the Bogus Barrister condone these murders. Let's be very clear on that, but there is nothing wrong with questioning what the media has told us about what happened. If the public is to point fingers, then they should be pointing fingers at the U.S government over this. Take a look at what the health system looks like. It is difficult to get any health coverage and extremely difficult to get mental health services for adult family members unless there is an incident like this one that smacks officials over the head. At the Bogus Barrister, we have reported on many folks who are a danger to themselves and others, particularly a Yue Yan of Fort Lauderdale. How many people need to be harmed by people like this before county officials take action to prevent incidents like these. We continue to get emails about Yan from renters, from neighbors and from others in general who have encountered her. Yet Broward county continues to ignore people like her. We already have restrictions on guns. The criminals will always get their hands on them. The fact that they do, is a symptom of a much larger and complex problem and that is what needs to be addressed.

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