Friday, December 14, 2012

Mrs Benedicta Solange scammer

On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 5:02 AM PST wrote:

>Dear Beloved Friend,
>My name is Solange Benedict, French citizenship was born in Nantes (France), and I live about 22 years in Benin Republic for pure gold business. My Company: (Berossy Gold Sarl) Honey, I share this post to explain what I am currently living in a tragedy, and the decision that I made today.
>I was the victim of a few months incurable disease that destroys my health. I am suffering from throat cancer. Everything inside of my throat was a big wound that continues to rot and deteriorate more. The disease does not allow me now to talk or even eat properly. Today, I have not, because I am an orphan, because I was born and raised in an orphanage. Also, I lost my husband seven years ago, unfortunately, we could not have children, because he was diagnosed with a low sperm count, and we where treated before his death. To top it all, all our friends and acquaintances have left me after the death of my late husband, it was just'''' speculators .. Today I am to myself, and I'm a jack of all I want to take, but unfortunately my health does not allow me to take care of something arbitrary.
>After a few results and analysis in a variety of European and American hospitals and is currently in London, where I am now, the doctors have told me that my days are numbered now that I live the last moments of my life. Therefore, I was sentenced to 59 years of age die from this terrible disease, because my doctor just told me it was only a month to live on this earth, and that men can not do anything for me.
>That's why I contacted you to ask you a favor, as it would be impossible for me to do it myself, because my health.I deposited in September 2006, the Bank of Africa Benin Republic, a large sum of money four million Euros (? 4,000,000). I want to give the money to you as to allow you to create a charitable foundation in my memory, so that God's grace will be with me until the last house, and I can enjoy a place of honor to the Lord our father.
>If you're ready to help me on this project, please contact me at my personal E-mail: and I will give you a certificate of deposit of funds from Bank of Africa, and I'm also a sworn affidavit to change of ownership, which will be officially and legally makes you a beneficiary of my funds, so that even if I die you will not have any confrontation with any body in receipt of funds.
>I'll be waiting for your answer.
>Please accept my best wishes and God bless you.
>Ms. Benedict Solange

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