Sunday, December 9, 2012

Publishamerica: buying your rights back does not mean they will honor it

The troubled Maryland print house has found another way to scam their angry legion of authors. Authors so desperate to get away from their shady practices that they pay publishamerica to do it. Another "happy author" posted this today on their printers PublishAmerica page which incidentally has not been updated by the company since before Thanksgiving. " my book Littlestar a childrens book by Grandmother Littlewolf. I senr you the money to send me my closed out contract. I have yet to see the returned contract. And you keep asking me to send you more money to do so. i have my Amr Exp statement that states that I have already payed to have the contract returned to me." in this case I would report this problem to American Express. Need more money for Christmas Willie? Sure sounds like it. Guess the flea market gig isn't as lucritive as you hoped.

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