Friday, January 11, 2013

PublishAmerica: pay us to tell the Women's Clubs about your book

Dear author, the world is really a Women's Club. Who read the most books? Women. Who purchase the most books? Women. Who do you want to know about your book? Women. We will introduce your book to Women's Clubs across the nation. Starting with the granddaddy of them all. Or rather, make that the grandmother of them all: The General Federation of Women's Clubs. Reaching across all 50 states and their cities and towns, they serve so many women and local women's clubs. Today they don't know about your book. In a few days they will. It may be your foot in their ass where it really counts: with women. Go to to activate for $42. We will make a presentation about your book to the General Federation of Women's Clubs and make them aware of what you have written. Do you want to see what our presentation looks like with your own eyes? Go to and we'll give you access the same day we
tell the General Federation of Women's Clubs!

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