Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This PublishAmerica author claims his book sold 1.1 million copies

Yeah...sure. That's why its getting a mention on this blog. Walter Anderson Jr was caught on our radar recently after proclaiming on PAs Facebook page " Publishamerica made me famous!" and "publishamerica pays me to write good material."We figured PA was playing with sockpuppets again. Mr. Anderson considers himself an inspiration despite quotes like " I devils are treating me in the same fashion as you did Jesus but when you come to crucify me I got a full metal jacket just for you." uplifting indeed. Anderson is the author of "Tariq Inspirational Tweets" and " Pappy." it is his book Pappy that he claims that PA has sold for him 1.1 million copies. We would like to see evidence of this as to our knowledge the average PA book only sells 75 copies. You can read more about Mr. Anderson's sales claims here

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