Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Elderly Florida man posts ads in the South Florida Craigslist everything from wanting old dental equipment like fillings to looking to join a local band to claiming to be a "qualified" household furniture mover. Any reasonable person would take "qualified" to mean that he is licensed and insured. Guess again. We called the number in his ads 954-552-2989 and got "Tom the mover guy." Movers are regulated in Florida and Tom is not registered or licensed. Sometimes he lists two numbers. The other number is his son who shares the same name. Son is a respected piano technician. Dear old daddy flimflam is using his family ties to make his ads sound legit.this man hires homeless people off the street for daily labor to move people's furniture and appliances. If you see these ads especially those with two phone numbers, do everyone a favor and flag them. This is NOT a father and son moving company as he claims. He is trying to ruin son's reputation by using son's
number in ads to make himself look credible.

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