Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ItsToure Ibrahim again the Post Scrotum guy and he is using another email address

On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 5:54 AM PST Toure Ibrahim wrote:

>Dear Friend
> in response to your reply to my letter.Firstly,i want to express my
>gratitude to you for accepting to do this deal with me.I thank you so
>much for your quick response over my proposal...... I
> do hope that at the successful end of the transaction,our life
>aspirations life will reach greater heights and our relationship will
>know no bounds.You don't have to have atom of fear in this business.It
>is 0 risk business. As i told your
> earlier on in my first letter,this money belongs to a dead client of
>the bank with nobody to claim the money as next-of-kin since he died
>with all his family members.It is myself and one of my colleague in my
>own department who are aware of this transaction and since we got your
>contact,we each decided to contact you. I
> want to help people in my country with this money if it will be
>successfuly done.We can even use some to help the less previlled people
>and compassionate homes.The percentage can not be our problem. I
> am sure that my colleague has been in touch with you concerning this
>deal.I did my studies in Gambia and when i came back to my country in
>1992,I started working with this bank until i reached the level where i
> am now.As a matter of fact, the salary here is very poor and at the end
> of this transfer,i hope to resign from this bank because the way i see
>things there is no future for one here and you will send me a letter of invitation for final disbursement or sharing.Inshort,i have been thinking of which area of business to move into with whatever i will get from this
> deal. This
> is really where you have to help me since I believe that because of the
> developped nature of your country, you will have better business
>ideas.I will hope on you for this or we may go into joint business.I
>am 50 years old,and married with four children.Concerning the deal
>again,i want to tell you that officials in the departments that will
>transfer this money to your account do not know that you are in touch
>with anybody in the bank and as such you should keep everything that we
>are doing very secret.Usually,i know that this transfer will not take a
>long time to be completed once it gets started but one thing that I will
> advice you is to send to me all the documents that the bank will send
>to you so that I will offer the necessary advice to you. Finally,If
> you are capable write to me immediately so that i can send to you the
>test of application for you to apply to the bank for easy transfer.I
>will like you to write to me and tell me a little about yourself so that
> we can strenghten our personal relationship as well.This is my private
>phone number +226-7891 0001.I am expecting your call if you are really intrested in this deal. I
> am awaiting to hear from you .Extend my sincere greetings to your
>entire family.God bless you and your entire family and bye for now.
>Yours brother,TOURE IBRAHIM. GOD BLESSINGS,PROTECTIONS AND GUIDIANCE TO YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY. ----------------------------------------------

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