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"Princess" Elham Abunura Nigerian scam

--- On Fri, 2/22/13, Elham Abunura <> wrote:

From: Elham Abunura <>
Subject: FHere are the details and please reply fast / And FORMAT .

Dear Friend,
How are you?
Thanks for your mail system after going through the mail today was so happy for your mail and now I hear that you read this mail so well understands his role and my role to play, and that is clearly explained in my first post, so soon as this money is transferred into your account, I and my mother will come to your country to participate, as I said, and investment will take place immediately in their policies as a full citizen of your country, 
So one of the things you have to do now is try to know what is there in your country you can invest in.
Second, I have contacted the security company where you see this post and was told that the transfer is made of the Banque INTERNATIONAL DU BURKINA (BIB) and I and my mother has gone to the bank and the bank manager we made to understand that the money will be released to the parents of our partners, as documented, for this reason, I have contacted you to act as my fellow parents, while we will be here to watch and give all relevant information, the bank may you need as a true partner to our late father which can transfer the money to you and me and my mother will come to your country to hold the investment, exchange and proper in accordance with the
Again, all the information you need is in the bank, I'm here to give and I'd like to confirm their ability and honesty to handle this business with us because this is the last only hope we have in our family

I think it's important to know that our being is well before you start in this business as you said. 
Below is my detail:
Full name: Princess  Elham Abunura 
Address: No 102 Padua, Bobo said that the Community, Burkina Faso and West Africa.
Age: 25 Years of Age
Name of My Father, His Royal Highness Alif NaabaAbunura , Head of Community Padua put in Bobo, Burkina Faso, West Africa.
Again, I want to know why I needed my partner as parents is to release that money to you, and I need your help is to invest this money in their guidelines and care
The presentation of this presentation in the security company because of my position of parents in our community, my father would not let the security company to know that the money belongs to which your partner, we know that there is the owner of the game, this is for the security of your position in our community as their king then told him that the submission is your business partner should be freed with him along with his partner and he does not mention the names of the organizations 
but in his absence, the shipment must be delivered to your partner according to their doughier me, so my dear sir, you can see why I contacted your business.
And for this reason, I followed 20% of the fee to provide this assistance and will invest this money in their policies and care for their country. 
However, this percentage will be deducted from bank accounts immediately released and re-transfer the money home
Note that all our hope only on money and I know that this business will go along way to us as a family and create a long-standing relationship within us.
My dear, our standard of living here has become very ill since the death of my father, that's why I want to consider this important issue and make every effort to transfer this money to you, I would contact the bank what we can provide guidelines for the transfer of this money in your account, please, what ever the expenses incurred in this business, take the corresponding record of it, including your phone calls and the cost of Internet, 
this will be the first to be credited before the trade and investment is also expected to agree to spend all the money
So I'm waiting to hear from you urgently to enable the bank draft charter also a text to rewrite the application and fill your bank details and send to the bank for onward transfer of this money in your account. Again, if you do not have an account, you can open a new account for this money and send the bank details so they can use to transfer money. 
Ok Let me close this post and if I do not understand please kindly let me know what I can clarify because I want you to understand everything before proceeding so that no error
Thanks and rapid response

Princess Elham AbunuraPeace and Love

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