Thursday, February 7, 2013

PublishaAmerica CEO Willem Meiners is Rootin' tootin' and Hifulutin

It is Willem Meiners who is currently the voice of the PA fb page. The smug "who me?" is a dead giveaway. Meiners is looking forward to the Gettysburg author pow wow. He writes " I hope that everyone realizes that you don't have to be a published author (or published with Pa) to attend." but who the hell else has heard of them and would want to go? Ah yes, the villanous detractors. Gettysburg is my neck of the woods and I have my ticket! I figure I'd shake a few hands and pass out a few business cards for the Barrister Blog. I only hope I can stay awake when Ramblin Willie takes the stage to spew forth his unwarranted self importance. Unless of course his wife is bringing in Joe from her Starbucks gig. If this CEO was as successful as he will boast that he is, why is his wife slinging coffee for minimum wage? willie selling crap on the weekend at his local flea market too. Now that is the true measure of this man's and this company's success or lack thereof. Who would pay to listen to people who cannot do any better for themselves than that? He considers himself motivational. What a laugh. Anybody can rent space at a flea market and high school kids can work at McStarbucks. But he still talks the talk and talk is cheap. Its supposed to be cheap but PA charges up the ass for everything. I come in peace to Gettysburg and I will expect to see the record breaking crowds that I have heard so much about. In reality I expect to see a handful of new authors who dont yet know they have been duped. See you soon!

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