Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another "happy" Publishamerica author tells it like it is

Yep. Its royalty time at PA. The new batch of authors are just finding out that they walked into a big pile of manure....Joseph Csendes >I would be delighted to write something. PublishAmerica is the biggest scam to deceive amateur authors. They say on their web page, (we make money the old fashioned way, selling your books for you.) (At PublishAmerica, we never ask you to reach into your wallet.) I must have over four hundred offers from the publishing company, asking me to buy so many of my books at 35% off, 40% off, 50% off, and I believe it stopped at nearly 60% off. They did not do a damn thing to sell my books, except for asking me to do it myself. When you PublishAmerica scam online, it is TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to contact some people to finally join in on a class action law suit against PublishAmerica.

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