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On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 8:08 AM CST Chandima Srimali wrote:

>Dear Sir/
>realize your dreams and to fulfill your aspirations, you need financial
>security. Prudent investment of your financial resources and assets are of
>paramount importance. If you are interested in Investment, Janashakthi
>Insurance PLC offers very attractive Investment plan which yield healthy
>returns whilst providing substantial life and accidental death benefits to
>your dependents.
>Your investment term could be selected from 10, 15 or 20 year
>Your investment amount could be decided according to your affordability
>and premium mode could be selected from annual, by-annual, quarter or
>monthly mode.
> To have an idea, following is some illustrations of how your
>investment will grow according to current interest rate at annual premium.
>(This year interest rate = 11%)
>Annual Premium
>Fund Balance after 10 years
>Fund Balance after 10 years
>Fund Balance after 10 years
>Rs. 100,000
>Rs. 1,601,153
>Rs. 3,314,207
>Rs. 6,155,843
>Rs. 36,000
>Rs. 576,414
>Rs. 1,193,112
>Rs. 2,216,103
> You could also have the facility of obtaining loans against your
>deposits, if your account exceeds three years in operation.
>Guaranteed minimum return declared at the beginning of each calendar
>year and we ensure that the actual return will not fall below the declared
>In the event of a death, the nominee would receive the benefits as per
>our investment plan.
> Further you have the option of tailor-making the policy according
>to your needs.
>Contact me to customize this policy according to
>your distinct needs and wants.
>Thank You. Have a Nice Day
> W. Chandima Srimali
>Sales Promotion Assistant at Janashakthi Insurance PLC
>E-Mail - Phone - 0713-224664

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