Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mary Right aka Crush Models email scam watch out!

Here's one for your collection. She refused to answer my question as to what profile she initially contacted me about. My name is associated with a fashion magazine. However, I do not have any personal photo located anywhere on the internet. "Mary Right wrote: I work with Crush Models, the profile selected was sent by a third party company. They look through sites like Facebook, MySpace and MM to identify a profile that is suitable for billboard advertising. We do not involved in erotic or topless images, also in our previous email, we made it known that our client who contracted this job to us produces international telephone cards and they will want your face to appear on their products and billboards. This is a serious offer and to demonstrate how serious we are, you will be paid for this assignment, a fresh shoot be arranged for and the photo session would hold in a photographer's studio close to your city. Let us know if you are interested,so
we can send you more information. Best regards,Mary."


  1. Just got this email from Mary Right, for my wife. Thanks for posting this. Saved me a lot of time in identifying this scam.

  2. Make sure to include this email as well.


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