Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are you ready to help me?

On Tue Aug 9th, 2011 8:33 PM EDT Mrs Doris Sambou wrote:

>Hello My Good Friend,

>My name is Mrs. Doris Sambou, I was a nurse and an elder in the
>Church. I was married to the Late Sir Gerald White Sambou who worked with the
>Burkina Faso Coton Company here Burkina Faso for over a decade before he died on
>5th of July in the year 2007. Recently, my Doctor told me that
>I would not last for the next 4 months due to a rare form of cancer of the
>pancreas. Though what disturbs me most is my stroke, I have no one to inherit my
>late husband's estate. Please accept to stand as the beneficiary to my late
>husband funds and receive his estate, When my late husband was alive he kept
>USD$5,000.000.00 (Five Million United State Dollars) with one of the bank here
>in Burkina Faso.

>Presently, this funds is still with the bank. the money
>will be transferred to your personal bank account in your state city as soon as
>I am convince that you will help me with all your heart. my private lawyer will
>prepare all the required Legal documents to your name. The money is meant for
>the project for the less privileged and down trodden in our society and also
>donate it to the recent earthquake crises that happened in Japan. So do not be
>afraid of anything.

>One last thing my dearest, please use this money for its purpose as
>it is my late husband's dying wish and also 'God's plan'...

>I will be very glad to hear from you but i don't want you to betray
>me pls, so you have to assure me that.

>Thank you and God bless you.

>Mrs Doris Sambou.

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  1. Hello,

    I am Mrs Francisca from United State Texas and i am a lender worth over $1 Billion USD. I have 3 lending Companies and i am known as Queen the lender. contact email at and you shall seek what you want.

    Thanks and God Bless as you apply.

    Mrs Francisca


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