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  WODIA Training Institute 
         Management Training and
Skills Development
          The Boat House, 21, Ogunnusi Road, Ogba, Ikeja,
Telephone : +234 802 307 9485, +234 813 375 4358
                      PROJECT MANAGEMENT
Investment in People-   


 Date :    AUGUST 23-26, 2011 (4 days).
Venue : WODIA Training Institute (WOTI)
            The Boat House, 21, Ogunnusi Road,
            (AVIS Petrol Station Bus-Stop),
            Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria.
Fee :     N60,000:00 (Sixty thousand Naira only) per Head.
            Fees include Tuition, Resource Materials,
               Writing Materials, Conference  Bags,
               Certificate of Participation, Tea/Coffee Break ,
               Continental Breakfast, Buffet Lunch, and 
               Group  Photograph.
Time :    9.00a.m daily

Participation: Kindly Confirm Space Availability before payment by calling +234 802 307 9485 OR +234 813 375 4358. You could also send an Email to :,

Payment Instructions : After confirmation of space availability, payment should be made into any Branch of Zenith Bank PLC. account number 6011822855 in favour of WODIA Training Institute (WOTI) before program date.




 After the four-day Intensive Management Training Program on PROJECT MANAGEMENT, Participants will be able to :
----conduct feasibility studies, cost and  initiate viable projects;
----develop the skills and knowledge needed to
     manage the project life cycle from Initiation to
     Planning through Implementation to Closing Stage;
----learn how to organize and control projects effectively,
    with particular emphasis on delivery of results within time, 
    resource management, budget and quality perspective;
 ----create, mobilize and organise an effective and enthusiastic  
      project team;
----understand how to use the Program Evaluation and
     Review Technique ( PERT) to schedule, organize , 
     coordinate and analyze tasks involved in completing a given
----utilize  scientific methodologies for risk assessment, project
      control and hazard prevention;
----acquire Effective Leadership, Team Building, Time 
     Management and Emotional Intelligence skills required
     for successful Project Management; and
----enhance Human Capital Output through Effective
    Communication, Enthusiasm, Empathy and Positive Attitude
    to Work .
  ---- Introduction to Project Management and Development- Background, Objectives, Scope, Constraints, Assumptions,    Risks and Deliverables (BOSCARD) Terms of Reference.
----Project Proposal, Definitions and Reporting.

----Project Planning -Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic and Time-based (SMART) goals.

----Implementing the Project Plan , Scope and Time Estimates- Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT).

 ----Project Costing Estimation.
----Risk Analysis and Management, Hazard Prevention, Resource and Change Control.
----Qualities of a Project Manager- Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed (RACI) Matrix; Great Initiatives,
Can Do Ability, Integrity, Effective Power Delegation and Competence.
 ----Emotional Intelligence in Project Management.
----Project Communication ( report writing, meetings, listening,  brain storming and feedback).  
----Project Management Leadership and Team Building Skills.
----Project Review and Benefits Realization.


Attendance open to both Male and Female who are 
 project managers, senior executives, leaders, project team members, business analysts and managers in Public, Private, Corporate, Educational and  Voluntary Establishments.
Accreditation : WOTI is Certified by the Centre for Management Development (CMD), Nigeria as an Accredited Management Training Institution.
Resource Persons will be WOTI Training Consultants and others to be invited from the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Centre for Management Development (CMD) and other National and International Consulting Agencies.
Training Aids will include but not limited to projectors and screen, flip charts, magic boards, computers and other multi-media and audio-visual aids.
Methodology will involve lecture, role play, demonstration,  discussion and other methods suitable for the target audience. Program will be highly inclusive, interactive and participatory.
 Thanks for Reading,



Gladys Osagie,
Program Coordinator,
WODIA Training Institute (WOTI),
+234 802 307 9485

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