Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The art of looking foolish

I'm not sure what PublishAmerica's attorney thinks a c&d letter really is.  He seems to think that a c&d carries some legal authority which it does not, It is a take down request.
 "I will send the cease and desist letter to him/her if you give me your attorney's name..." " Otherwise I have to serve the cease and desist notice on you personally."
A cease and desist is not the same as serving a court summons here. It seems to me that PA has bigger fish to fry. Negative reviews and publicity about them have been written by media outlets like the Washington post and the Guardian but we see that they choose to target the small websites and authors. They know that these authors do not have the resources to fight them that's why.
PublishAmerica has never sued an author.If PA did start legal action against authors they would discover that they have nothing but judgment proof defendants. PA is smart enough to know that it is pointless to sue when they won't see any money from it.

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