Friday, February 24, 2012

big hello from me,I am Katya:)


hello and good day:)I decided to have the courage to write to you at your address to get acquainted with you (unless of course you do not mind)
I do not know correctly I'm doing but I'll be happy if I get an answer from you!!:)
Here I send you little bit my pictures.I have still pictures and I'll try to upload them to computer and then sent to you. OK?:)
Sorry I am little worried.ok:))I hope they have liked you...well...this is my first letter, and certainly it is very funny or silly ... And yet I would be pleased to receive a reply from you.
My name katya. Bye,bye:)


  1. hello you are so beautiful..but I dont know you are real or not???

  2. oh brother. It's on the Bogis Barrister crime blog for God's sake. It's a scammer who swiped somebody's pictures from a dating website.

  3. I have her letter..and I have the other her fotos...I know she is scammer


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