Tuesday, February 28, 2012

buying time

Sure are going to be a lot of disappointed authors.
Cabot Barden
Well. Tomorrow is the end of the month and still no royalty check or statement about how many books were sold or anything else from publishamerica about my book, so I've decided to go with another publisher for my second book. Sorry guys, you did a great job on getting my first book out there, but I'd like to make some money off this endeavor too.
 ·  · 3 hours ago ·
When do you guys mail your royalty checks out? Just curious. Thought it was in Feb and August, right? Haven't heard anything yet and I know some of my books sold.
 ·  · 20 hours ago ·
The support form isn't going through, and I have some questions about copyrights.
Author of The Shadowed Sun

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  1. "Haven't heard anything yet and I know some of my books sold."

    No, none of the copies of your book sold that generated royalties.

    Sorry, but get used to it.


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