Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Termination of your accountant license.

I have never been an accountant! -On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 3:52 AM PST Estella Flynn wrote:>{%ROT:Revocation of CPA license,Termination of CPAmembership,Tax refund fraud complaint%}You're receiving thisemailas a Certified Public Accountant anda member of AICPA.Having trouble reading this email? Viewit in your browser. >RevocationofPublicAccount Statusdue to incometax fraud accusations>Valued AICPA member,We have been informed of your possibleinvolvementinincome taxreturninfringement for one of youremployers.AccordingtoAICPA BylawParagraph740yourCertifiedPublicAccountantstatuscan berevokedincaseof the aidingofpresentingofafalseorfraudulentincometaxreturn foryour client oremployer.Pleasefindthe complaintbelowbelow andrespond toitwithin21days.Thefailure torespondwithinthistime-framewillresult interminationofyourCPAlicense.Complaint.pdf>>>>>>The American Institute ofCertified PublicAccountants. Email: service@aicpa.orgTel. 888.777.7077Fax. 800.362.5066>>>>>

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