Thursday, February 23, 2012

PublishAmerica's book title that doesn't exist

When I read here about the Convention Courier a handout printed for these conventions of theirs I went to the PublishAmerica website to see if a person never published with PA could pay them to list a title that doesn't exist with them for this "My Front page" gimmick, Sure enough, PublishAmerica was more than willing to take my $152.99 to "promote" a title that doesn't even exist.

The Convention Courier

is a newspaper that will be distributed during our next authors convention in Asheville, NC**. Everyone who attends, visits, exhibits will receive a copy. Exhibitors will find a stack on their tables for additional distribution. And since we are also scheduling a massive group book signing in an upscale public shopping area during the convention, the Convention Courier newspaper will be distributed to a large public audience as well, including at least 2 major bookstores!

Front page 4-star special: reserve your book ad AND your book review AND your interview in the Convention Courier newspaper, AND get all of it announced on the Front Page! Of course you will receive your own newspaper copy at around the same time the convention takes place so that you can see it all with your own eyes!

Must choose shipping option to activate. No use of coupons is allowed.

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