Thursday, February 23, 2012

A few discourging words from PA's Facebook

Rock O Paolo  Received email from Publishamerica about my Childrens book being overpriced at $24.95 for an 18 page book. Their response? For $199 they will reduce the price.
Kris Colford Sr. you guys used to post all the new books out. What happened? The website is also lacking any new info. Are you guys lacking an PC person?
Paulette Crystal I thank you for publishing my books. I do not care what others think about PA. I am aware of what you are. People need to quite crying about scams. It is a business for you, just like any other business; it is there to make money
Orlando Ferrand  Dear PublishAmerica, This is Orlando Ferrand. I'm one of your very thankful writers. I'd like to give you heads up about my book, chosen by the City University of New York as the Book of the Semester Project. Hostos Community College of the City University of New York is starting to inquire about the price of my book "Apologia: Cuban Childhood in My Backpack", which was sent back to your printers... last week, after Tom and I worked on some corrections through the Changes to a Book in Print package. Professor Robert F. Cohen, the head of the Department of Language and Cognition, sent out a letter to Bryan yesterday. Could you please help me follow up with this matter? They are buying it in bulk, and would love to have it as soon as it comes out from the printers. All the details about this project are in the letter sent to Bryan. Thank you, my dear publisher, for rushing this project to the printers! And Tom, you are awesome. You did a wonderful job interpreting those corrections! Bryan, help me out here, you are the man! They want a good price for 400 copies and would like to have them by the first week of March, if possible.
Mark Foor  Can anyone tell me what the turn around time is to have a book converted to an e-book? I would like to be able to put something out on my FB page like a preview.
Kimberly Anna Karpinski  I've been trying to get into contact with someone at PA, but I'm having issues with the Support Team form that needs to be filled out. It won't let me submit anything to PA, after I've filled out all the required fields.
Delma Baker  Where are my royalties?

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  1. O PAOLO pointed out that their 18 page children's book was priced at a ridiculous 24.95 and when the author compalined was told that 199 would lower the price. PA wasted no time in deleting this comment from their FB page without a response.


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