Sunday, March 25, 2012

brian smith cflparanormal scammer beware

The Bogus Barrister is always happy when we get our chance to help law enforcement. We are proud that we have been in contact with officers across the country and that our tips have lead to arrests. I wanted to take this moment to thank men and women who join law enforcement and who put their lives on the line to keep our citizens safe. We have been busy at the Barrister today working behind the scenes in one of the strangest incidents we have encountered in a long while. We hope that anyone with information about this perpetrator will get in touch with us and the Orlando Florida police department.

Brian Smith is forty years old and is thought to live in Orlando. The victim in tis case is the writer known publicly as Sinthyia Darkness. Although there are but a couple of references to Thomas Meyer, and a male internet user who uses the handle "Ironball" Smith's real target here is Sinthyia. There has been some discussion recently about who Sinthyia Darkness really is. Because of our involvement as a result of an anonymous crime tip to the Bogus Barrister, I believe that the question as to the identity of this person is solved and although the name Sinthyia Darkness does appear on the court docket filed by Vic Cretella on behalf of his clients Mr and Mrs Meiners there should only be the names of Mr. Dolan and Mr. Meyer on it. This is an important point because the man Mr. Smith although motivated by revenge, intimates that he has formed an alliance with PublishAmerica. PublishAmerica may say differently but we are only going by the statements published on the Internet by Mr. Smith. He has many such statments more than once.

Mr. Dolan, Meyer or Darkness have never met Smith in person. Smith joined an Internet news group powered by Yahoo in 2008. The group is run by Rev. Meyer's ministry. Let me point out that this is not Brian Smith's first attempt to scam a church or religious organization. He was appointed an officer of the Global Revolution Church in Orlando. He and two other men embezzled and/or misappropriated funds sent to the church from all over the country by Rifqa Bary's supporters intended for Rifqa’s legal defense fund. Bary was fleeing CAIR a Muslim organization that has known terrorist ties. Bary was found guilty under sharia law and thus the need for the legal defense fund. Smith and two accomplices are accused of embezzlement, mail tampering and wire tapping. So even before we get to what he is doing to these people, the guy has a pattern of criminal activity.

Mr. Brian Smith began sending Sinthyia personal emails that suggest he wanted a personal relationship with this person. It is very awkward for me to write this with what I know based upon what I have learned today but for the sake of argument when I mention Sinthyia I will simply refer to this writer as female.

Smith is or was married but claimed that he and his wife were swingers. In act he still has personals ads on the Internet seeking women or a couple. To each his own I guess.

I have spent my day reading email exchanges and from the get go, Mr. Smith was trying to invite himself over to Sinthyia's home. Within a year, his comments in said Yahoo forum were off color. He spoke about his avid love of guns and boasted about the weapons he owns. He made racial remarks about the President and it was then that moderators stepped in and told him those comments would not be tolerated.

There is an exchange between Smith and the moderators over it and Smith is put on moderation to which he protests. Smith goes into a rage and writes Sinthyia privately. He demands that the moderator be thrown out of the group. She refuses. He sends her emails supposedly from the moderator who uses the moniker "Ironball" which he altered to make it appear that this man was making nasty remarks behind Sinthyia's back in order to instigate a fight. "Ironball" immediately emailed the exchange with full headers to prove that these emails were altered. Ironball's words were changed to make it appear that he was laughing about Sinthyia's supposed battle with cancer.

Smith is banned from the news group. He sends threatening emails to Sinthyia demanding an apology and then blackmails her with the emails that he has altered. He says if he does not get an apology, if Ironball is not thrown out of the group that he will "go public" with these emails. Smith also at the time thinks that Sinthyia is a mayoral candidate in the 2009 Miami-Dade election due to a news report in the Miami New Times and he writes her to say that his great-Aunt so and so was the first female judge in Miami and he boasts of his political connections. He says that he will use these connections to rig the election and ensure she never gets elected. Several members of the group, including moderators send these threatening emails to the abuse department of Yahoo and two of Brian Smith's email accounts get shut down for violating the provider's terms of service. The accounts closed were and . Smith claims to operate some sort of "paranormal research" group in Orlando. We have contacted Central Florida Paranormal and they have never heard of Brian Smith. Timothy Fitzgerald is the man who started the Central Paranormal organization known as cflparanormal.

Since then Smith has harassed them on websites and message boards. Mr. Smith making good on his threat to publicly publish these fictitious emails did so on his website;wap2. Bogus Barrister visited that page last month when AW linked to it. You will see Smith's name and altered emails up there. You can see that this entire website has been created to harass people on the Internet. Smith is also suspected of being the one who has pretended to be Sinthyia and Meyer on a Wikipedia page that was created in the name of "Sinthyia Darkness" which is the name the publishamerica book was published under. Smith copied and pasted that defamatory article as a comment on the Miami New Times. Take a look at this. Smith is posting under several aliases on this website to make it appear that it is more than just him engaging in this harassment.

" bruce oshea 2 years ago
Sinthyia is a fake and a attention seeker. She attacks people out of jealousy and to seek pity from others. There is major drama on the Internet about her spoofing a website owned by lord Rick and blaming on others so she can seek sympathy and claimed she was attacked by Lord rick because she was jealous of his fame. Recently the same has occurred on her yahoo group Titled "miamicenter for paranormal research" when her boyfriend Thomas attacked the world renowned owner of cflparanormal, Brian Smith which was a long time friend but seemed to surpass sinthyia's fame. The attack continued even after cflparanormals' owner redrew from the group to avoid anymore confrontation. After Brian threatened legal action and to make public the harrassing emails and blatant slander of his reputation, thomas myer and synthyia filed unfounded complaints with yahoo, having his account removed wrongly. Luckily Brian Smith had all the related messages archived in a server and is now supposably working with authourities and legal advisors to obtain all complaints associated with Sinthyia and Thomas for civil and possible criminal prosecution. The probmAtic issue is that there are numerous alias' used by the two with possible ties to scams, an deceit. Is this who you want for mayor? she is a kook and a wee bit too shady for me. do a google search for lord rick and read his blog or visit his radio show website for more info, or go to cflparanormal on myspace and read his blog. Alot of drama for a mayor."

There are 72 comments. It looks like most are Brian Smith . Take a look at the last three comments at the bottom there. The third from the bottom comment states that Sinthyia Darkness died. There have been odd death notices and fake obituaries popping up over the internet. She understandably was alarmed by them. They started showing up in December at the same time that she noticed her email accounts have been hacked, deleted and her blog has also been deleted due to being compromised. It is believed that Smith did this, given the fact that he makes his presence known ala Jack Nicholson "heeeere's Johnny!"

Of note! Brian Smith described himself in the above excerpt as "a long time friend." He was never a personal friend to any of these people and the emails I have in front of me reflect that. Smith however has repeatedly tried to give the impression to the contrary.

He creates a fictitious Facebook account under the name "Claire Voy" and this happened sometime last week. I have copies of the screen shots that were made to document these incidents. The profile seems to have been removed now. "Claire" aka Brian was claiming to be a psychic and comes over to the "Sinthyia Darkness" Facebook page.

I feel that I must warn you. A ghost of your hidden past has returned to haunt you !"
A few facebook users responded about this strange comment from "Claire" to which Smith replied,
"i see a small tan house with three large palm tree in front, a white vehicle with latters on the roof. the words sin, darkness, piano, purple rope, and untruth all continue to run thru my head."

Smith describes a house where Thomas Meyer's father lived. For some reason, Smith thinks Sinthyia's last name is Darkness and has been trying to find this person. He knows the name of Thomas Meyer but the person that he has found and that he is tracking is Meyer Sr not his son. The same happened to the private investigator who was hired to locate these people. The name Sinthyia Darkness is not on radar at all. In what Cretella filed in the court case, he states that not even the justice department has any record of a person by that name. All of that searching only to end up with only information on a couple of men. I'll get to that in a minute.

Brian as " Claire Voy" makes reference to "piano." It is Meyer's father who is in the piano business. He is the tuner and piano shop owner as once was advertised on the Sinthyia Darkness blog. Couple of weeks ago, Meyers says a man showed up after hours and was sneaking around the plaza. Mr. Meyers views a picture of Smith and identified him as the man who approached him that night. He says that Smith ran up to him and was yelling. He was clearly looking to start a fight. It is believed that Smith is still watching the piano store. It is also worth mentioing that Meyer says within the past couple of months he was gotten fraudulent phone calls. One of them from a bank that he does not have an account with, fishing for personal information.

This problem with Smith has been going on now for the past four years and there are police reports which the Barrister has obtained. We deal with these Nigerian scammers who make all sorts of threats to people and we know that if they have the means and the drive to carry out these threats its only a matter of time before they do. Smith comes across as very disturbed. He uses the phrases "you destroyed me" in these letters. Closing down an email account doesn't "destroy" anybody. In his mind it did people that are desperate or have nothing left to lose are the most dangerous. We at the Bogus Barrister crime blog do feel that these people are all in serious danger.

Banning/blocking this Smith fellow doesn't seem to deter him. "Claire Voy" was banned/blocked from contacting his target on the Sinthyia Darkness facebook page. Smith then creates another fictitious profile, this one impersonating Sinthyia Darkness corporation as "Synthyia Alice Dark" He chose the vanity URL of We have
obtained archived pages and screenshots documenting what Smith posted on the wall. He listed the location of Meyer sr's home on the profile and threats to "come after" her. He repeatedly calls her "Sin" like he is a close friend but "Sin" is not any nickname.

If you visit the imposter Synthyia Darkness page, also note that Brian Smith has linked two of his personal accounts to it, This one and this profile and of course Claire Voy. On his real profile or at least the profile that he uses he real name, he claims to be a "Sargent" at the Spartan Protection Agency in Orlando. We have contacted them in an attempt to verfify this claim and anxiously await a response.

Here is one of the threatening comments Smith wrote as Synthyia Darkness

Synthyia Alice Dark Sinthyia Darkness

see a fictious person is someone a author writes about....put a person who takes on a ficious name is still responsible for their actions, they are still the person but with a ficticious name..i have emails from long ago sin and thomas and old ironball talking about sin and i have a picture of sin in a srticle running for mayor..i am the ghost from the past..i work for no publishing company, but will gladly give them the proof they want..i can prove who sinthyia darkness is..i can prove what fake websites she has run over the years..Ive been waiting for years to make things even...I know she fakes her own death on the news site she was running, i also know she posted her own death on "find agave" ...I never disappeared I just sat back and built my bag of evidence..i'm just telling you that i kniw what you did and I'm gonna help prove it because of what you did to me."

He has also been sending creepy unsolicited messages to those who subscribe to the Sinthyia Darkness page.

He has been writing accusing Sinthyia of various criminal activity. Anybody who knows about Sinthyia Darkness' former blog knows that this person helped clean up the Internet by exposing criminals. Smith goes back and forth about his Yahoo accounts being closed. In one email he admits that he knows he was reported to Yahoo and that it was Yahoo that shut him down and in the next contact he accuses Sinthyia of "hacking" him. Not only has Smith created these Facebook profiles but he has also opened up an email account to impersonate Sinthyia on the Internet. He opened the account and began sending threatening messages to an email address owned by a horror fiction book club. The name on the outgoing emails is "sinthyia Darkness." Last week he sent this creepy message.

from> Sinthyia Darkness< "4 years ago you and Thomas wrongly destroyed everything I built... You could of fixed it and apologized but you didn't. I've spend 4 years waiting and watching you build fake site and build yourself as sinthyia darkness, I have all the archives of this and ip addresses of it all and pictures of you that you labeled as sinthyia darkness.. You over the years have proven you are real but have a ficticious name, sinthyia isn't a fictitious person but your alias and I have the legal proof of that... I have every reason in the world to turn this over to PA and I will.. Fair is fair, you destroy what I built and I return the favor >> >>Sent from my Super secret spy I-phone communicator device.."

His Super Secret spy device is a cell phone with Internet service provided by t-moble. I have a copy with full headers. If his internet access is through this phone then you can bet he verified this email address and Facebook accounts with his phone number.

Last night, Smith sent another threatening email message aimed at Rev. Sinthyia from his email account he created in her name. I think it is very important to point out that this email was sent to an email account that he thinks belings to Sinthyia Darkness but does not. He has been sending them to an email address owned by a fictition horror book club. They actually Googled the name Synthia_Darkness and thought at first this crazy email was sent from Sinthyia to them. Later emails have proven that they were aimed at her by some warped person (Smith).

From Synthyia Thu Mar 1 17:35:48 2012
X-Apparently-To: via; Thu, 01 Mar 2012 17:37:14 -0800
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Received: from [] (synthyia_darkness@ with xymcookie)
by with SMTP; 01 Mar 2012 17:37:12 -0800 PST
Subject: Busted
From: Synthyia
Content-Type: text/plain;
X-Mailer: iPhone Mail (8C148)
Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 20:35:48 -0500
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Mime-Version: 1.0 (iPhone Mail 8C148)
Content-Length: 826

I can tell you this now... I report you to craigslist and yahoo and facebook, I stated I would press charge for Internet crimes and harassment along with libel... Your ip address is being forwarded to the Internet crimes unit of the FBI .. You hand to use a email to post the craigslist ad and confirm an account using a cell number I'm also pushing for identity theft... One of these will give me your true names on a legal document and your ip address that's all I need... As soon as I get it it's going to publish America ... And I am pressing charges... Lol you still think your untouchable... Yahoo and facebook have been monitoring my account for a week now because I knew you would attempt to hack them... So predictable... Thanks again Sent from my Super secret spy I-phone communicator device....

His message is for the most part incoherant. But he seems to be accusing her of the very things that he is doing to her and has been doing to the Meyer family over the past four years. Sinthyia has not posted any ads on Craiglist. He does not have anything to report this person for. He is the one sending out these emails and he is the one who created these accounts pretending to be her.

As some of you who are readers of this blog already know, Sinthyia Darkness does have a legal dispute but it's connection to Publish America LLLP is that it involves the CEO of the company. It is a personal issue and in no way involves Brian Smith. As you see, Smith is attempting blackmail by saying he is going to give them information about who he thinks she really is. This is blackmail plain and simple regardless of what Smith might think it is. From these letters is is clear that all that has bee done is defend against his harassment and threats.

Smith seems to be under the impression that the litigants do not know the "true names" of Sinthyia Darkness but in fact there is no mystery. I took the time today to go over the court case and as far as the litigants are concerned, all parties have been notified. Smith appears to be using this an excuse to stalk. This Brian Smith character is a real peach.

He has in fact made death threats and those are published in one of the most recent comments on the Miami New Times article.

Cflparanormal 4 days ago in reply to Have Some Respect

the girl aint dead... she faked her death to try to escape all her negativity and law suits.. shes a scammer.. try to read the article again.. it puts you on a dead link to a fake newspaper.. the go to her group "miami paranormal investigation society" and try to read the investigations... it takes you to the same fake newspaper.. she created it to make her self look famous and then to fake her death

Cyberbouncer 4 days ago

see that girl ain't dead ...but she will be soon... see i will get even for what she did to me... yes sin its me Brian Smith ill be seeing you soon sin

Now going back to what I was saying about who Sinthyia Darkness really is. I doubt it would come as any surprise and it has even been hinted at in what Vic Cretella wrote in a few of his documents. Anybody who has ever read anything written by Phillip Dolan knows that he is a brilliant writer. His research is top notch Mr. Dolan is an expert about PA. Dolan is an expert in being able to disgusing his "voice" in what he writes to be able to give his writing a feminine flair. Go read something he has written and the truth will smack you in the face. Vic Cretella has taken notice and points to the parallels in these writing styles. In the Meiners' lawsuit he compares posts written on The Guild which are known to be unquestionably written by Dolan in 2008 to the articles published in 2010. When we decided to check into this several sources have notified Bogus Barrister that Sinthyia Darkness' real name is Phillip Dolan. There is no mystery here. Everything I have seen leads me to believe this is true.

It's ironic that although Smith mentions his animosity toward Ironball and Meyers neither men have gotten any recent emails from him. Why? It looks like his targets are women. So if you're a woman on the internet, please be careful and be aware that the world is full of Brian Smiths.

on March 1st, Smith posted this message on the Fake Facebook page he created in his attempt to pretend to be Sinthyia Darkness

Synthyia Alice Dark

I started this page as a classifier to the person "sinthyia darkness". The person sinthyia darkness is a fictitious person, and all her legacy and accomplishments and websites are that also, FAKE. do your reasearch, even the creator has tried to establish this by make a page on facebook stating so. So all the websites ...such as "Miami Paranormal Investigation Society" and 'Reverend Sinthyia" are all fake. She was never a real paranormal investigator, never a fashion designer, never a reverend, and never a internationally known author... She is fictitious.. so all those people following her and believing her are following a fairy tail.. do the research and figure it out for yourself, her creator stated so and even went as far as to try to stage a death to get people to stop following her like a real person. you would be better off following reverend santa claus the paranormal investigator and fashion designer... come on people get a life.. shes not real, shes not a designer or a investigator, and her paranormal investigation society never existed.. do a google search and see if you can find a physical doesnt exist.. if you do a search of the paranormal society and look at the investigations it will send you to a fake news site and the writer is... yep you guessed it "sinthyia darkness... now i will warn you a lot of people are trying to be her and before long they will try to take the fake identity and eventually take and change the phony sites but just remember no matter what she does not and has never really existed... she started as a joke and then built into a character on the net... some crazy person actually wrote a poem and paranormal book and assumed the name even, but if you read the book you will see it was horrible because it was quickly thrown together as a joke.. so get over it people

March 1 at 10:57pm

Yes indeed. The hacker has confessed. The real Sinthyia Darkness Facebook page has been compromised and the catagory was changed from journalist to fictional character.

Smith has a long history of harassing Sinthyia and pretending to be this person on the internet. He even created this fake Yahoo group in retalliation for being banned from the forum where Smith first surfaced.

We have just discovered a forum called "Ghost Lab" on which someone using the handle cflparanormal has been engaging in discussion since 2009. This should show you how sick and demented Mr. Smith really is. Allow us to restate that the Bogus Barrister has contacted the Central Florida Paranormal organization and verified that they do not have anybody named Brian Smith associated with them. The real owner of CFLPARANORMAL is a man named Tim Fitzgerald. CFLPAPRANORMAL has it's own internet radio show. and it's own Facebook account.

Be that as it may, Mr. Smith shows the world his paranoia when he starts an unprovoked attack on "Sinthyia Darkness" on this message board over another user there calling themselves, DarkAngel251978. He is using any sort of excuse like this to follow people who he has any suspicion of being Sinthyia. For the record, the real Sinthyia Darkness has never been a member of the Ghost Lab forum. This writer has never used the handle darkangel251978, syn. Another quick searchreveals that darkangel is a woman named Sandra Morely. If you know her let her know that she could be in danger. We are trying to contact her.

You know what I find really concerning about that forum? Look at the writing styles. I have looked over 280 + emails involving this Smith to write this post. He has a very distinctive writing style. All but maybe one of those users of that forum have that same writing style.

Posted 02-03-10 08:15 PM
I would like to clear up a little slander scam that is going on with this board and across the Internet. Let me introduce myself I am Brian Smith founder and owner of cflparanormal out of Orlando Florida, I can be contacted via email at or via my myspace page with over 500 members. The person posting on this board is not me nor affiliated with cflparanormal in any way. There is a slander scam on the Internet aimed at me via a bipolarfemale and her boyfriend and they go by many aliases,some of which are dark angel, syn, sinthia darkness, and many others. She has because upset with me because I exposed the fact the the fictious "Miami center for paranormal research" never existed, her and her purple magic lasso never did any true investigations, and that her supposabe campaign for the mayor of Miami was just to gain attention. She claim to be a world known author (publish a book of poetry thru publish America lol) but she is really just a trouble maker in the paranormal community. She has mental issue to the point of losing custody of her son due to the imbalance. Any posting with cflparanormal on the Internet about cflparanormal should be taken with a grain of salt and please feel free to contact me directly about and question of authenticity of any statements supposably made by me.... The is a Internet talk show host named lord Rick who has dedicated much of his time to exposing her and her other identities feel free to Internet search him or google sinthia darkness and you will soon realize all the people endorsing her are the same people which are evidently her other personalities... Thank you Brian Smith the real cflparanormal "

We need that person who came here to enlighten us about narcisizm to tell us what is the name for the mental state when somebody goes around victimizing people and then accusing the victim of doing the very things they are doing to the victims.

This just goes to show you what a dangerous place the internet is. That's why I don't let my kids join any chat rooms or post to any message boards. Oh and just in the event they ever do meet up with a creep like this, daddy carries guns.

Since this is a repost of my original blog post, I have included all the comments below:

AnonymousMar 3, 2012 02:42 AM
read all that this smith needs some psychiatric help let's hope they get him some. Smith seems to get off scaring women noy cool in my book guys like him are cowards

AnonymousMar 3, 2012 02:46 AM
he also demented disclosing personal information won't mean anything when established that parties already served. Judge or state prosecutor would never buy this excuse it does look like he is trying to justify his sick behavior.

steveMar 3, 2012 03:48 AM
thomas myer and synthyia filed unfounded complaints with yahoo, having his account removed wrongly.

i know this clown is full of shit haveing dealed with yahoo for trouble it takes a lot for them do anything. Ppl can file reports but action is only taken if Yahoo sees a clear violation of there terms of service if he wasnt doing nothing wrong yahoo would havent done anything about it something about a woman or he thinks a woman doing this haveing power over him that is driving him hope he gets locked up

steveMar 3, 2012 03:51 AM
take a look at teh way smith spells her name in the comment same spelling as he used in the pretend facebook profile no doubt in my mind that bruce osea is an alias for smith

debbieMar 3, 2012 09:49 AM
the internet is full of nuts like this one i left Facebbok because i had a similar problem and facebook makes it look like they care they don't all they care about is making money as times go on they attract worse people my daughter is old enough to join and has been bugging me and i tell her no. she doesn't need to become another statistic on this social media sight. The yahoo groups were a social media form long before Facebok twitter and google+ i used to think yahoo groups were safer compared to other contact with internet users. This horrible story proves me wrong Im sure that the police won't do anything about this either until somebody dies or is seriously injured.

Brazen BloggerMar 3, 2012 10:29 AM
hey now Chester you did a great job explaining what's going on here but there are some parallells that should be drawn between the Bary case and Darkness. Both of them involved religious organzations. Both victims have cancer. There is much discussion on the internet of Darkness having cacner and court documents indicate Rifqa Bary also has it. Both Darkness and Bary are very petite. The pictures on the internet depicting Darkness would lead anybody to think this is a very petite person. On personals ads that Smith published (see the first graphic in this article to view one of them) he states that he is 6'1" and is looking for a "little woman". He is probably using these ads to seek out other victims and it does appear that he victimizes small girls with illnesses that he thinks make them easy targets.

Brazen BloggerMar 3, 2012 10:34 AM
one more similarity, Brian Smith presented himself as a Wiccan to Thomas Meyer's ministry when he joined his Yahoo forum. We know from the record of Bary, Smith was an officer of Global church in Orlando. It's a Baptist church. He seems to have animosity toward those of other religions. Notice his repeated phrase "purple rope" he is trying to say robe or more accurately cloak. This is a purple ritual cloak worn by high Priestesses in the Pagan religion. But Smith uses it in a taunting or menacing way his animosity is obvious

AnonymousMar 6, 2012 09:56 AM
that's interesting that he rambles on about this paranormal scoeity never being real. He claims to be the operator of CFLPARANORMAL. Those people have never heard of Brian Smith and he is not a member of their group.

AnonymousMar 6, 2012 10:53 AM
i think i already know the answer to this but what is Facebook doing about this ?

AnonymousMar 6, 2012 06:31 PM
what a looney this Smith guy is. Get him off the streets before he harms himself or somebody else. It's not a matter of if but when. lock his ass up and get this man some help for his psychiatric problems. If he wasn't doing anything wrong Yahoo would never have had any reason to take action. They do not do that lightly. The fact that he admits that his accounts were shut down tells the story. Complaints can be filed but if your email provider service does not find just cause they won't shut down your accounts.

Chester DrawersMar 7, 2012 04:22 AM
alot of actors, musicians and writers use stage names. I don't get tgis guy, He seems to think that using a pseudynym is a criminal offense.

Chester DrawersMar 7, 2012 04:28 AM
Smith says more than once "so get over it people" but he is the one not being able to move on. He admits to plotting revenge over the last 4 years because he was banned from this Yahoo group. He has serious issues and sounds completely demented.

Brazen BloggerMar 7, 2012 09:13 AM
after giving this some thought I went ahead and contacted the sheriff in a several county radius. I inquired about their unsolved cases missing persons cases there are quite a few in that area that match the critieria that I noticed with the Bary and Darkness cases. Its worth looking into you just never know.

AnonymousMar 8, 2012 06:09 AM
here's what is really concerning. On one of those profiles you linked to belonging to the real Brian Smith he claims to work for the Spartan protection agency a security company in Orlando. Either he is lying about his employment there or they hired this guy and put a gun in his hand.

AnonymousMar 8, 2012 06:58 AM
I started this page as a classifier to the person "sinthyia darkness". Is that what he calls stalking?

AnonymousMar 8, 2012 08:05 AM
hell I think Miami could use somebody who goes after these crooks as mayor. Sinthyia would get my vote

AnonymousMar 9, 2012 07:14 AM
Hello all. I found this discussion when looking up information on an Allan Large letter sent to my office. Brian Smith or whatever his name really is, he is a textbook example of a narcissist. I could educate first year students with this example. It's very unfortunate indeed. You see Narcissists see other people as objects to be used and manipulated. They leave paths of destruction everywhere they go. The situation with Rifqa Bary is a prime demonstration of this. Narcissists like Brian do attempt to victimize those who they think cannot fight back. Make no mistake this goes way beyond being conceited. Narcissists are your stalkers and you find them among alcoholics and drug addicts. In this gentleman's case, we have a whole dyfunctional stew here. Without reading the emails spoken about when he first joined this Yahoo group I am willing to bet he presented as charming and helpful. That didn't work to garner th attention he craved so he changed his tactic. He started being confrontational and he got everybody fired up at him. To a narcissist, it doesn't really matter if the attention is positive or negative, just as long as they have the spotlight. It is easy to see the jealousy and resentment that Brian has toward these women. His comments on New Times are also telling. He resents Sinthyia because this person gets attention, is successful, is talented and these are all traits that Brian wants others to see in himself but he knows that he lacks them. Underneath the pompous exterior lays self loathing and low self esteem. In behavioral modification, we use a technique that hits patients like Brian in those vulnerable places. It helps if victims can do it as well. It's easy. Just ignore him completely. It matters not to the narcissist if you respond in a polite manner or you are hostile. Either way they got attention they got a reaction out of you and you have acknowledged his exhistence which is exactly what feeds a narcissist. As for waiting four years to turn around and make his presence known to this women he victimized in the past. Narcissists do this all the time. Had he gotten a personal response he would have thought, see how important I am, four years later this person remembered me. Even if you remember him for being a jerk, it doesn't matter. He feels he left a lasting impression. We call this in psychiatry, Narcissist Supply. Narcissits are parasites in this respect. Something must have happened where another of his victims left the picture an he reached back to this former victim to rehash this incident as a new source of narissistic supply.

AnonymousMar 9, 2012 07:14 AM
I'm also willing to bet that he joined this Yahoo group because he thought he would join people who would agree with his ideas and even hold him up as some type of expert. The narcissist actually cares very deeply about what others thing about them despite the facade. Their personal interactions however are never about communication but instead are all about control. He was banned from the group over his behavior but you see the narcissist thinks he never does anything wrong. From what Brian writes I can see that he completely denies having done anything wrong. They are incapable of accepting any blame when things go wrong. They are also incapable to seeing how their behaviors look to others. He did in fact make a complete fool of himself on the New Times in his transparent posts pretending to be others. He made an even bigger fool of himself on Facebook with these tranparently bogus profiles and the statements he made on them.

You should also notice that during the last incident, he felt the need to buddy up with the people at paranormal ghosly society and he told his tales of woe over there. he found a sympathetic ear. Byt the looks of this angelofthynight's writings, he encountered another narcissist. It's a good match. They can feed off of each other. But he went seeking approval for his behavior and he found it. Now he threatens to buddy up with publishamerica. You see he is always seeking that approval. He knows what he is doing is wrong on some level but he seeks out others who he thinks will agree or even encourgae this behavior. The man is a bully and he is a coward. He can never act on his own he always seeks to ally with somebody and gang up on his victims. I am certain that his guest appearance on this blog may be a source for him. He will not like that the general public is against him. Instead at some point he will come here and become confrontational. That will make him feel like he has control. It will make him feel important. Although he doesn't seem to have any problem airing his dirty laundry, he will only do so if he thinks he is causing his victims harm while trying to paint himself as the true victim and stressing his imagined importance and superiority. Therefore I do not think he will get much of a charge out of being on the Bogus Barrister because the narcissist can never admit to being wrong or inferior. The best advise I can give here is ignore him. Cut off all sources of narrsistic supply. Ignore his emails. His fictitious internet profiles seem easy to spot so avoid them as well. To these victims I would say do whatever you need to do to protect youself from this man. Do I consider Brian and others who show thse same traits dangerous? Just remember this; Charles Manson was also your textbook example of a narssist.

AnonymousMar 10, 2012 07:45 AM
what a scumbag.....

AnonymousMar 12, 2012 12:57 PM
Smith doesn't even know how to spell Sergeant lol. He spelled it Sargeant.

Brazen BloggerMar 16, 2012 12:18 PM
I like how he keeps harping on not being able to find an address of the paranormal members. Just because he can't find an address doesn't mean that something doesn't exist. Hell I wouldn't give this jerkoff an address either but in some of his other rants he describes a house or other building so which is it either you did find it or you didn't. I would also like to know more about the Rifqua Bary case. Its very compelling that he seems to have a link to a terrorist group. Why would you swindle somebody trying to get away from danergous people?

AnonymousMar 16, 2012 05:09 PM
wow anybody who cites this lord rick as an authority does need to have their head examined.

anonymousMar 19, 2012 07:38 AM
I knew Brian Smith when he lived in Winter Garden. That boy just ain't right in the head. Back I'd say about 2009 he tried killing himself by shooting himself in the head. He couldn't get that much right and was in the hospital for a long time. He has brain damage from it now and he ain't never been the same since. Brian tells us all it was a hunting accident but 9 mm ain't really no use in hunting accept short range no serious hunter uses that shit you can maybe go after a raccoon or a bird but that's it. he says his kids go to school down in Broward county but I ain't never seen him with a woman or his kids.

AnonymousMar 24, 2012 02:03 PM
what a shame. I should think that Tim Fitzerald would want to change the name of his research group since it's name really has been tainted by this crook

AnonymousMar 25, 2012 08:54 AM
such a pathetic little man this Brian Smith. Why is he accusing people of ruining a career that he never had? I'll tell ya the only websites that mention him are this one and a blog he made a single post on back in 2009. This guy is causing all these problems with these people just to get his name mentioned on real websites. How can closing his email account have had any lasting problems? Well, if you search the internet you will find this interesting bit


parker-allegedly-stealing-her-lega.html .It seems Smith has been caught embezzling funds from Rifqa Bary's legal defense fund. He has two accomplices. Want to know what I think? I think the closing of his email accounts somehow complicated this matter for him and perhaps even lead to being found out. Yeah, and his cflparanormal has an interesting buisness listing on the internet to "paranormal

investigation group and retail outlet" I thought these

"paranormal" groups were supposed to be non-profit? Tisk, tisk, you

cannot mix a non-profit with a "retail" outlet. because different tax laws apply. ah but again, no buisness license can be found and nothing registered with the Department of State in Florida. and check out this

"business listing"

we are importer of Book
Country : India
Business Mail :
Business Type : importer
Product Service : Book
Company Address : 236 Faulkner St Winter Garden Florida United States
Legal Representative / Business Owner : Mr. brian smith
Main Markets : World
Contract Manufacturing : Book

Contact details
Company name: cflparanormal
Contact person: Mr. brian smith
Address: 236 Faulkner St Winter Garden Florida United States
Phone no: 95--1
Mobile no: 95-0
Fax: 95-0

As I have said, I have poured over nearly 300 emails pertaining to this Smith. I can tell you that all of what he sent over to the equally absurd "Lord Rick" has been altered, especially those emails from "Ironball." Rick apprears to be one of Smith's accomplices. He may or may not also be one of the men Smith conspired with in the Rifqua Bary incident. I think we should look further into Rick who uses the moniker angelofthynight because he apparently created a yahoo group to solicit or organize "escort services." That puts him on our radar.

"The sole purpose of the group is to gather models,escorts, other adults together to sign up for my photography services."

"If you are a female from out of town you will be given free room and board overnight to have the shoot done."

I don't see anywhere that he is soliciting males for this "photography"

"We're currently based in Las Vegas CA!"

Las Vegas California?


  1. I have another one on Smith for you. We found him in an "adult" porn group called arabandlebanesebabes. He is over there trying to solicit his "american wife" to foreign men.

  2. Thu Jul 3, 2003 6:14 pm

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    Re: [Arab and Lebanese Babes] wanna trade pics?

    are you gonna send me some or not?

    rasol marafi wrote:
    --- Brian wrote: > any
    married men that would like some pics of my
    > american wife e-mail
    > me at cyberbouncer6877@...
    wanna trade pics?
    any married men that would like some pics of my american wife e-mail me at cyberbouncer6877@...... Brian
    cyberbouncer... Jul 1, 2003
    10:15 pm
    Re: [Arab and Lebanese Babes] wanna trade pics?
    ... married men that would like some pics of my ... ________________________________________________________________________ Want to chat instantly with your... rasol marafi
    rmarafi Jul 2, 2003
    7:43 am
    Re: [Arab and Lebanese Babes] wanna trade pics?
    ... Brian wrote: > any ... ________________________________________________________________________ Want to chat instantly with... rasol marafi
    rmarafi Jul 2, 2003
    8:17 am
    Re: [Arab and Lebanese Babes] wanna trade pics?
    are you gonna send me some or not? ... married men that would like some pics of my ... ________________________________________________________________________... brian smith
    cyberbouncer... Jul 3, 2003
    6:14 pm

  3. How do you know that Brian Smith is not the same person as Tim Fitzgerald? Not much can be found on either of these two. what r the chances they would both use CFLPARANORMAL? I say not very likely. Look at this


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